September 09, 2013 Badaro Beirut Lebanon Middle East

The Smallville Hotel: An Urban Lifestyle Design Hotel In Badaro

Phone Number: +961 1 619 999

Address: Badaro, Beirut, Lebanon


Price Range: 20-45 $

In the heart of Badaro, just a few meters before reaching the National Museum, a tall modern building to the left stands tall amidst the area's old buildings. The Smallville, the latest hotel to open in Beirut mixes luxury, simplicity and style in its urban design created to impress. The philosophy behind the birth of the Smallville hotel was to create a fun, engaging and memorable destination where stylish urbanites can congregate to relax, eat, drink, socialise, visit and live.
It was 12pm, when I reached Smallville. A valet parking takes my car where a spacious stairway leads you up the the reception area - you find yourself overwhelmed with its interesting setup. Look up and see a beautifully unique vintage chandelier. Look to your left and see a reception area where behind it stands a LED board with messages scrolling in red and to your right an interesting bar stands, before walking into the seating area where large sofa ooze comfort - along with the coffee tables covered with interesting details and books. I was impressed. I started walking around appreciating all the little architectural details constituting Smallville.
The architectural notes:
  • A tall building with character, which looks like a regular apartment building is not to be underestimated
  • A glass automatic door opens facing three elevators and a reception to the left
  • A carpet, at the entrance, is changed depending on the time of day: "Good Morning", "Good afternoon"...
  • A high ceiling at the entrance with a red carpet welcomes you proceeding the three elevators. Look up and see a vintage piece of design - a huge chandelier taken from the Meryland Hotel
  • To the right a large and long lobby starting by a bar and ending by the Social cube restaurant
  • Two yellow and one red carpet decorate the floor
  • Three black sofas, one following the other fill the space with enough relaxing corners
  • Six design chairs built of wood slices and brown leather are my favorite pieces of design
  • I loved the idea of the cube. I call it the cube, because it looks like one, filling a space inside the hotel. Instead of having a restaurant in the heart of a Hotel's lobby, this innovative design idea made them gain an additional area
  • A long dessert buffet offers a wide choice of delicacies all day long. It's worth trying: All you can eat for 20,000L.L/person
  • Above the buffet, a LED screen displays messages and offers
With all the quirky and surreal design elements, this property is not just another hotel, but a hotel with a heart and soul and a project borne out of a love and its love story with Beirut seen through quirky and surreal eyes.
Comprising 117 bedrooms and 39 suites, the accommodation is a breath of fresh air, big, breezy, and sassy...
  • The Urbanite suite has a surface of 76sqm with two distinctive rooms and a kitchenette
  • Beautiful images of Lebanon decorate each and every room
  • Each photo on a certain floor is taken from somewhere in Lebanon on the same floor
  • A grey floor covers all the hotel
  • Fabrics couches, are available in every room, adding a saloon to the room good for receiving guests
  • A huge circular lamp, the signature item, moves between the saloon and the dining room
  • A 42inch screen in the living area and another smaller TV in the bedroom
  • A marble table faces the TV and another dining table is set near the kitchen
  • DVD player and satellite TV are available in all the rooms
  • Unique cow skin carpets are also unique design pieces found in all the rooms
  • The rooms are equipped with state of the art digital lighting and touch wall panels
  • A kitchenette with a microwave and fridge is fitted in every room
  • Bathrooms amenities are designed to make you smile
  • Grey finish bathrooms
  • Long showers but no bathtub
  • Relax feel: White, grey and black with a design beige wallpaper
  • The Double Deluxe Urbanite Room: It's the smallest room having a surface of 39sqm
  • White and black wallpaper
  • A black, white, and grey ambiance follows you all around the hotel
  • A sliding sofa is relaxing for TV watching: An ingenious design
  • A 42inch screen is mounted on the wall
  • The same signature item, the big metallic lamp moves between the bed and working desk
  • More photos of Beirut decorating the walls are unique depicting Beirut today, depicting images of things, people and action from around the hotel's radius.
  • The Panoramic Corner Suite is 90sqm
  • It has many special features that are interesting
  • A fully equipped kitchen with a bigger fridge
  • This room is designed for long stay purposes
  • A separate bedroom with two beds has its own individual bathroom
  • A living space, a kingsize bed and another bathroom constitute this suite
  • A rotating TV caters to the saloon and sleeping room
  • A 180 degrees view balcony shows you from Mansourieh to Sodeco
The details I loved:
  • This hotel is 100% Lebanese, owned by the Fakhry family
  • When using the elevator, don't forget to look up and enjoy a color LCD TV playing joyful shows
  • On every level, the floor number is engraved under your feet
  • All the bulbs around the hotel are battery backed-up. You will never feel the change between generator and electricity
  • All amenities in the bathroom are fun and quirky
  • Every
With outrageously good gourmet comfort food and coastal Mediterranean inspired cuisine the hotel houses two restaurants. “The Social” is fun and relaxed. With a red circular bar, lobby restaurant, Café Trottoir and outdoor hidden garden with its own exterior kitchen, wood burning oven, giant screen where film aficionados can attend outdoor screenings bringing the experience to life. The “Pool House” rooftop vintage leather dressed restaurant with glass curtain and surround terraces located on the 16th floor enjoys uninterrupted stunning views across Beirut’s Hippodrome. With the rooftop pool a hotspot to flop and the pool itself, a real lazy day to unfurl.
The indisputable comfort and the calm coolness of the hotel works on every level this is a supreme urban escape, edgier, sleeker and funner than any other Beirut hotel. It’s impossible not to be smitten by the Smallville.
The location is interesting:
The property is located in the vibrant street of Badaro, walking distance to the National Museum, Berytech, universities, embassies and ministries, 10 km from Rafik Hariri Beirut International Airport, Beirut Central District and the vibrant Beirut nightlife with a variety of entertainment and an hour’s drive from Faraya ski resorts and beaches along the coast.
The best is on the roof:
  • Up on the 16th floor, the hotel hosts a pool overviewing Beirut
  • Next to it, the Pool House, serving Mediterranean cuisine for lunch and dinner
  • Brunches and buffets will be served in here and maybe not special events and weddings... The 16th floor will be open by the end of the year
  • A breathtaking 360 degrees view will make you want to come here again often
With five meeting rooms, a terrace that can host up to 110 seated guests, a pool and three restaurants, the Smallville can become a talk of town soon.
The Smallville is still in its pre-opening phase until end of November 2013. It is almost fully operational and awaiting your visits. I won't mention any of my personal sightings and opinion yet - not until it's officially opened and that is when I will be visiting again for a detailed experience. I am confident of its success.





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