May 29, 2014

The Vittel Water Bottle Will Remind You to Drink Every Hour

Ogilvy Parishas  Created a Fun Packaging for a Water Brand Drinking enough water -- experts recommend eight glasses a day -- is pretty difficult. After seeing research suggesting that 80% of the French population doesn't drink water because they simply forget to, Ogilvy Paris and Vittel created a fun way to remind people that it's time to drink.

A tailor made cap that pops a flag every hour to gently remind you to drink. When you twist the bottle cap shut after your refreshing sip, a timer begins automatically. Nothing new to do just twist the cap as you used to do but this time utility has been added. The program was launched in France in order to gauge consumers' reactions and measure their behavioral changes. Initial findings show people drank more water during the day and enjoyed it.

A "Refresh Cap" on each water bottle featured a little timer that sets itself every time you screw the cap shut. Once an hour is up, a "flag" pops up, reminding ou its time to take a sip or two.

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