January 02, 2022

Tips To Have a Successful Brazilian Barbecue at Home

If your is family obsessed with Brazilian steakhouses, then instead of heading to the restaurant, try throwing a successful Brazilian barbecue at home!

If you’re someone who loves Brazilian steakhouse restaurants, you’re not alone—they’re immensely popular for a reason. Featuring a warm atmosphere and a wide variety of flavorful meats and tasteful sides, they’re so beloved for a reason. But they’re also a bit pricy. If you want to enjoy the food without the cost, try recreating the restaurant at home! Below we’ll discuss some easy tips to have a successful Brazilian barbecue at home. From choosing the right meats to understanding how to grill to perfection, we’ve got it all laid out.

Choose the Right Cuts

The cuts and styles of meats you choose have a massive effect on the final product. You shouldn’t just buy the same old meat you’d buy for an average weekend barbecue. Instead, up your game a bit. We love the idea of using cuts of Wagyu beef. It’s even more flavorful than regular beef, full of marbled areas that will add just the right flavor. From there, try out a few different cuts:

  • Strip steak
  • Sirloin kebabs
  • Skirt steak
  • Brisket
  • Flank steak

Not sure where to get your meat? You can easily order Wagyu beef online!

Try New Seasonings

With a variety of beef cuts, also think about trying new seasonings. Though a pepper-and-salt combination can go far, Brazilian steakhouses showcase numerous flavors and seasonings. So add a few to your at-home dinner! Premade Brazilian steakhouse seasoning is available if you want to keep it simple.

Sear That Crust

This tip for a successful at-home Brazilian barbecue is about searing the crust. You never want to break or slice the outer crust while grilling. Doing so will rid the meat of those essential juices that flavor it so well. So what do you do? Sear the meat on a higher heat, and then move it away from the flame. Doing so will still cook the meat without burning it and leaving it too dry.

Though Brazilian steakhouses have their grills close to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, you don’t need to do that at home. A solid 400 to 450 degrees will do the trick.

Complement With the Right Sides

As we mentioned, part of the love for these steakhouses is due to their expert use of sides. You can do the same at home! Sure, you could play along with the typical potato and macaroni salads, but if you really want to create the Brazilian barbecue experience at home, get imaginative. Think watermelon salads, rice and bean dishes, and more. Add in more flavors, or try to complement the seasonings you used for the meats.

Stick With a Core Beverage

Last tip: follow through with a delicious beverage. If you don’t want to stress about that on top of preparing the meal, stick with a big-batch cocktail that you can make prior and that folks can fill up on as they go. A nice elderflower lemonade could work, or even a whiskey, cranberry, and ginger ale cocktail. The options are limitless (and tasty, too!).

Hopefully, these tips will help you perfect your at-home Brazilian barbecue night. Remember, it’s really the experience with your loved ones that matters!

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