November 04, 2014 Keserwan Lebanon Middle East

Upper Keserwan: A Whole Area of Food Discoveries

I’m loving my tour around Lebanon, and the food discoveries in the beautiful villages of our beloved country. Mechwar, a new series of videos which NoGarlicNoOnions started last month, is intended to bring you closer to your hometown, rediscovering our land from a different perspective, with a culinary approach. 

After visiting Tyre, Beirut, Byblos and the Bekaa Valley, Keserwan was next on the list. We all know Kfardebian and Faraya during winter season but did you ever imagine their fun offerings during the summer season?

Our journey started with a visit to Hrajel, stopping to meet Tony Zgheib at "Al Mara3i" butchery, one of the finest around. They come from all over Lebanon to buy their raw meat before continuing to Afif, the one and only Afif, emperor of the Lahme Beajine.

If you’re passing by the area, don’t miss Mayrouba’s famous double red apples; they are awesome.


Breakfast and more, we couldn’t stop at eating Lahme Beajine from Afif, because Em Bashir promises a Zaatar Mankoushe like no other. You will love the spirit around the area, the freshness, the fun, the enjoyment.

Now was Joseph’s time: Joseph is known for his baked goods and the eggs with cheese and Kawarma are amazing… Heaven to say the least.

Now that you know where to eat, let’s go on a tour around the area… an adventure tour. Faraya is most famous for the skiing, but it’s also home to some of Lebanon’s most impressive orchards and has the Chabrouh Dam nearby, one of the highest artificial lakes in the Middle East. Faraya also hosts the biggest bell in Lebanon, the highest cross in Lebanon and the biggest sign as well, which is like the one in Hollywood.


Kfardebian has lots of hidden wonders, a land of adventure and fun. Summer like winter, climb up the mountain and enjoy yourself. Don’t forget Mzaar, of course, apparently the resort there is the largest in the Middle East and at only one hour away from Beirut, it’s a must visit.

Let’s talk less and give you the enjoyment to watch the video, which will take you on a tour around Keserwan: Hrajel, Mayrouba, Faraya, Faqra and Mzaar up to the ski slopes of Warde.





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