March 15, 2014

Your Instant Wine Cooler

Friends coming over unexpectedly? The Ravi Instant Wine Chiller is a cool new wine accessory that lets you chill wine instantly as you pour. Simply keep it in your freezer and when you need it, insert it in your wine bottle and pour.


Based on the innovative concept of cooling wine at the very moment it is served. It is not the bottle that is cooled, but the wine itself. The cooling process takes place as the wine passes through an internal tube in the Ravi. Use of the valve allows you to regulate the amount of time the wine is cooled. The internal tube of the Ravi is made from the same stainless steel used for wine fermentation tanks, maintains the wine’s characteristics and never alters the taste. The Ravi will cool wine within seconds which means no more waiting and no more messy ice buckets to contend with. Since not all wines are enjoyed at the same temperature, Ravi has a valve that controls the flow of wine to regulate the temperature...


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