May 17, 2012

Zaatar w Zeit: When the Good Gets Better

Did you see the new ads for Zaatar w Zeit lately. I loved them, so modern, so realistic and so true. The campaign really made me think about things and how they have changed and evolved over the years. I talked to the creative minds behind the concept, Nineteen84, about the campaign and what it means for Zaatar w Zeit...  Here's  what they said about the campaign. "A bit of Zaatar with a drop of Zeit, the simple pleasures in life are always the greatest ones. At Zaatar W Zeit, we have always believed in these simple steps, which drove a one-shop brand into a major player in the region.

We will always remember our roots, and will always cherish simplicity, be it in the way we cook, or the way we furnish our space. Simple in the way we greet or the way we evolve. This simplicity, which is even part of how we evolve and improve things at every level. Because we evolve with you in mind: your taste, your lifestyle, and your experience with us. Simply put, our evolution revolves around you ."

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