November 25, 2015

Avoid Sogginess: Leather Piece of Ketchup

Often times when I use the word "soggy" it's not good... No one wants a soggy meal, especially not a burger filled with all the tasty condiments.


I think Ernesto Uchimura, the lead chef for Plan Check restaurants, has come up with a solution, but I am personally not sure if it's a great one or an appetizing one for that matter - it called the ketchup leather: a dry flat version of the popular tomato-based condiment.

​Uchimura dehydrates his ketchup using low-heat ovens and fan system to create a rapid-evaporation process. He explains: "The structure of the cells of the tomato product, plus the sugars and all the other seasonings, dehydrate and they form a very nice, even sheet," Uchimura explains.

What do you think?


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