February 02, 2014

Bukeela: The first Pure Origin Lungo Grand Cru from the Cradle of Coffee

Bukeela ka Ethiopia – Composed of two very different Arabicas from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, this delicately fresh and floral Pure Origin Lungo reveals unexpectedly wild notes of musk and wood. Intensity 3. The Bukeela ka Ethiopia sleeve depicts the Acacia tree, an emblematic tree in Ethiopia. bukeela Like the country from which the green coffee beans are sourced, Bukeela ka Ethiopia Grand Cru is unique. Split-roasted, it has an utterly distinctive aroma. Served as a Lungo, this pure Arabica blend is delicately fresh with a floral bouquet reminiscent of jasmine, white lily, bergamot and orange blossom, lifted to sensory perfection by unexpectedly wild notes. Introducing the creaminess of milk renders the Bukeela ka Ethiopia Grand Cru smoother and more bodied. A dash of milk brings caramel-like notes to the surface without detracting from this exceptional Grand Cru’s distinctively floral character. Prepared as a Caffe Latte, the Bukeela ka Ethiopia Grand Cru surprises the taste buds with its lightness, touched with hints of sweet biscuit and caramel-like notes.


It is the first time Nespresso coffee experts have looked to the rich diversity of Ethiopia to create this Grand Cru of single origin. In another first, Bukeela ka Ethiopia is the first Lungo in the Nespresso Pure Origin range. It is appropriate that Nespresso looked to Ethiopia for its Pure Origin Grand Cru because it has a global reputation for exquisite and floral coffees. Nespresso coffee experts targeted the coffee terroirs of the fertile highlands of the African nation of Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, to create its first Pure Origin Lungo Grand Cru. They drew on two, diverse coffee regions within the country for the hand-picked Arabicas that make up the pure Arabica blend of Bukeela ka Ethiopia. They are working with coffee farmers in the southern region of Sidama which is known for its fine and elegant washed Arabicas. And they are sourcing the heavier, naturally processed green coffee of the elevated plateaus of Western Ethiopia which contribute wild and musky notes to the Grand Cru. The name Bukeela is drawn from the word for bean in Amharic which is the main language of economy and business in Ethiopia while the second part of this sensuous, singsong name “ka Ethiopia” comes from the local language and means “from Ethiopia”. VISUEL BUKEELA The copper tinted Bukeela ka Ethiopia capsule draws on the tones of the African earth. The new delicate, artistic design of the Pure Origin sleeves sees the Acacia tree, commonly found in Africa depicted. 
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