January 18, 2014

Digital Bamboo Cutting Board - How Does That Work?

If you like following recipes on your iPad while you cook, this bamboo cutting board will make a useful addition to your kitchen. CTA-DIGITAL-Bamboo-Cutting-Board Easily view recipes and watch how-to videos while cooking or simply enjoy apps and music from your iPad as you prepare delicious meals. This durable and handsome cutting board is made of naturally strong and antibacterial bamboo, perfect for chopping, mincing and slicing everything you need. It features a unique multi-use bamboo stand that can either be attached to the top or the side of the cutting board. Placing it on the top creates a raised stand to hold the iPad for easy viewing and helps keep it clear from debris while chopping. CTA-DIGITAL-Bamboo-Cutting-Board_ This stand has a specially designed slot for the iPad and a storage space for the included bamboo capacitive touch stylus to easily use the iPad and keep the screen clean. The stand attachment can also be flipped and connected to the side of the cutting board to combine into a larger cutting board space with a groove to hold the iPad on the board. Up to eight knives can be stored inside the cutting board with storage slots on each side.
Categories: Food Gadgets


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