January 12, 2013

Food Meets Art: Cupcakes and Smarties Go Artsy

Recently England's Queen's face was portrayed in a giant artwork called ‘Cupcake Queen’.  Artist Prudence Staite was commissioned to create the picture to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

Prudence Staite is a food artist, she loves to work in any food stuff making anything from life size solid chocolate furniture, to replicas of people made from pizza toppings. Prudence works with major brands, for PR, media, photographic and film use. Based in rural Gloucestershire in the Cotswolds, her work is recognised worldwide, and includes replicas of famous paintings made entirely from Smarties, busts of famous people, for example Winston Churchill made from bread, famous faces immortalised on pizzas, to even life size chocolate rooms, with solid chocolate fireplaces.

She has worked with chocolate, sugar, butter, cheese, fruits and vegetables, meat, sweets, Christmas puddings, bread, pastry, pizza, anything at all really-even gravy! She will work with any food, and occasionally creates artwork from other materials such as beads, baubles, photos, and bows.

She also has a range of luxury bespoke chocolate products, which are all hand made to order, such as Chocojenga, playable chocolate chess, and even chocolate skulls. Some of her famous work include copies of Andy Warhol's  Marlyn and Banksy's Clean Streets Maid to name a couple... made from smarties.    

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