July 24, 2016

Impossible Made Possible: KLM to Serve Heineken Draft Beer

The things most airlines are doing to lure in travelers – in flight bars, private apartments and sleeping pods to name but a few… Now there’s something new… Draft beer served high in the sky. KLM is planning to serve beer on flights to Rio during the Olympics next month.


Why this is something special, simply because due to high pressure when you're 30,000 feet or higher in the air will cause the carbon dioxide to foam at a higher rate, which means that your draft beer will be all foam and that's not good. Plus CO2 canisters (like kegs) are banned on commercial flights due to it's potential dangers.

  KLMand Heineken have spent years developing a “Brew Lock” keg designed for high altitude flying which will overcome the technical challenge, leaving the taste of the beer unchanged.

It may not taste as perfect as the one you enjoy at your local bar, and in all cases our taste buds act differently when you're flying...

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