September 02, 2021

KOKOLU Introduces the World’s First Pair of Biodegradable Vegan Leather Sneakers

The sustainable fashion house is transforming the way people think about their fashion choices and their environmental impact with the launch of its 100% biodegradable Monroe ECO shoes.

KOKOLU, a modern fashion house committed to delivering sustainable clothing and footwear to women everywhere, has announced the launch of Monroe ECO, the world's first pair of biodegradable, vegan leather sneakers. With the launch of its newest line of sneakers, KOKOLU hopes to bring awareness to the unnecessarily damaging environmental impacts of the fashion industry and encourage consumers to take more eco-friendly approaches to their fashion choices without sacrificing style. 

While leather shoes are a popular option for many fashions- and quality-conscious women, producing genuine leather shoes contributes negatively to the planet by killing animals in the name of style. And other footwear brands that advertise as sustainable may take years to break down or leave a toxic footprint behind as they decompose. 

Using the world's most innovative technology, the KOKOLU team has developed a fashionable sneaker that is 100% from nature and reverts to nature, mitigating the incredible amount of waste the fashion industry is responsible for each year when clothing and footwear are thrown away. 

Monroe ECO’s vegan leather upper is crafted from 100% vegan leather comprised of bamboo and corn stalk that is degradable in three months. The laces are made from beech trees, and the insoles are comprised of greenKfoam™, a sugarcane insole made with the world’s first carbon-negative green EVA. The soles are crafted from recycled rubber, and the entire outsole of the shoe is degradable within three years.

In addition to its eco-conscious construction, the Monroe ECO is stylish and delivers an exceptional wearable experience. The materials used to construct the sneakers provide anti-microbial, anti-sweat, and insulative properties while also offering unparalleled foot support. Monroe ECO is also soft, flexible, lightweight, and durable and comes in various colors to complement any outfit. They can also transition easily between work or a weekend lunch date and are versatile to any woman's shoe collection. 

“We are thrilled to introduce Monroe ECO to the world, giving eco-conscious consumers a footwear option they can feel good about wearing," said Luanne, founder, and CEO of KOKOLU. "Our vegan leather sneakers cause no harm to animals in crafting them and leave zero waste behind due to our use of 100% natural materials in constructing them, meaning they degrade back into the earth, leaving no toxic footprint behind. We invite all women to become part of the sustainable fashion movement and indulge in footwear that is fashionable, comfortable, and good to the planet." 


KOKOLU is an eco-conscious fashion house transforming the way people think about and wears clothing and shoes. Intending to bring awareness to the damage the fashion industry has done to the environment, KOKOLU is committed to crafting sustainable apparel and footwear that has minimal impact on the environment in their creation and leaves little trace due to employing natural, biodegradable materials.

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