May 24, 2021

May Milestone on Youtube: 100,000,000 Video Views

Thank you for a great year, thank you for your continuous support. 2020 was one of my best years, most prolific, most active, and most impactful ever. 100,000,000 views of Lebanese content to the world is a huge achievement, showing Lebanon As Not Seen on the News channels. Our Lebanon is unique and #A7laBaladBel3alam.

Thanks to you, I uploaded an average of 5 videos every single day, hundreds of Live broadcasts, endless food and agriculture discoveries, and the list goes on and on.

That's a milestone I'm proud of, hoping to achieve more this year.

Today, you are 264,335 subscribers on the channel with 9,000,000 hours of content watched, and I thank you for the support.

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