June 15, 2016 Paris France Europe

Poilane: Known to be Paris' Best Bread

Moist, fresh, tender and still enjoyable 48 hours after production, Poilane's bread is unique.


Lionel Poilâne, creator of the Poilane Bakery searched continuously for the best ingredients calling this search and combination of the best of old techniques with the best of new techniques, “Retro-Innovation.”

Bread is made of four ingredients: water, flour, salt, a rising agent. Sea salt is sourced from Guérande. Flour is exclusively stone-ground. The best wheat is used and a piece of dough is used from the previous batch of bread – the sourdough – as a starter for the next batch.
The type of oven used to bake bread is also important. Bread is baked in wood-fired ovens. These ovens are fed with waste wood that cannot be used for any other industry.


Poilâne has a small range of breads to ensure their quality. Each bread was developed to satisfy a specific use. Indeed, the best in Paris.

David Lebovitz: "there are quite a number of excellent bread bakeries, there’s something special about the bread at Poilâne – it has a certain flavor, just the right tang of sourdough, dark and husky but with an agreeable légèreté that makes it the perfect bread for sandwiches or to accompany cheese."

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