December 25, 2019

8 Truly Amazing Places To Visit Before You Die

With all the benefits it brings, who has not thought of traveling and visiting various cities? Maybe your work schedule has been hindering you from visiting various places on the planet. This season, ensure that you go to at least one of the places we describe in this article.

With an ambition to travel, all you need is your bucket list. This article will help you to create the best travel bucket you need during your vacation. With these eight amazing places from around the world, you have no reason not to create your travel bucket list.

These are eight of the best places around the world that you should think of visiting while you are still alive and strong.

1. The Grand Canyon, Arizona


The Grand Canyon is an extensive attraction site in Coconino County, Arizona. Reserved as a National Park, the canyon stretches on 277 miles (446 km) of land. When touring the place, ensure that you get the best views, not a mere pass by its side.

For the best view and experience, walk down the canyon to get an "interior" view. A hike through the canyon is so amazing, far much better than taking photos from above. Most people prefer visiting the South Rim, where they get to see the canyon escarpments and the Colorado River water.

2. The Great Wall of China


What is the largest wall you have ever seen? What about the oldest one? There is no need to scramble for answers. During the era of the Qin Dynasty, the present China territory emperor, Qin Shi Huang, decided to join the fortifications to form a protective wall against enemies and invaders from the North.

The great wall construction started about 221 BC. In total, the length of the walls is 13,170 miles (21,196 km). The walls stand on the ridges or peaks of tall mountains. You can take a hike and explore the area and marvel at how people could build such a massive wall when modern building technology did not exist.

3. Redwood National Park, California


We all love vegetation. Watching a natural scene is epic, but marvelous when it goes out of the "ordinary" we know. In California, the United States stands 139,000 acres of land serving as a park. You will find natural forests here with tall trees than you have ever seen.

According to the National Park Service, the tallest tree measure 379 feet. The redwood grows so tall for various reasons. Most of the trees are currently 500 - 700 years old. There are public parks where you can sit and enjoy your afternoon as you watch the trees. You may as well decide to hike to experience life in another dimension. 

4. Grótta, Iceland


Nobody will want to avoid visiting the most peaceful and safe country in the world in their lifetime. Grótta is one of the amazing places you should think of visiting at least once. Only five kilometers from the capital, the island is near enough for you to ride in a few minutes.

During the day, Grótta is ideal for bird-watching. At night, you will love the view of aurora lights (Northen Lights). Ensure that you follow the motorcycle protection guidelines when going down from town.

5. The Eiffel Tower, Paris


Maybe you have heard about the Eiffel Tower many times that it becomes tasteless. But in reality, it is one of the most visited places in the world. The tower has two observation floors with elevators to help you reach them quickly. If you like to exercise, you can walk the 1,665 steps to the top of the tower.

6. Giza, Cairo


Many people ignore Egypt when they are considering the best places to visit in their lifetime. The country holds so many historical features and facts that you would want to learn about before you die.

Giza is one of the places to consider visiting in Cairo. The most ancient pyramid stands on the Giza border. You can learn a lot from the ancient structures that carry lots of mysteries.

7. Nikko, Japan


The 2020 Olympics will be taking place in Japan. No. that is not the reason as to why you should visit, but you can make it if you are a sports fan. Nikko is one of the places that you can take your vacation near the capital to avoid congestion during the Olympics season. Lake Chuzenji is one of the sites to visit in Nikko.

8. Sihanoukville, Cambodia


I cannot close this list without minding the budget travelers. Maybe if you had been afraid to travel because of the high costs of living in hotels, then I have some good news for you. Rated as the cheapest city in the world, Sihanoukville is ideal for all your travel needs without breaking your bank.

The seaside resort city offers you a great experience at the cheapest rates around the world. Most of the activities in Cambodia are free, and you can get a hotel for as little as $4 per night.


I know there are too many cities in the world. We could not list all the best destinations you may wish to visit in your lifetime. The eight places in this article are some of the best places you need to consider if you have not been there before. You also realize that we chose the least-spoken town from most of the continents.





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