December 25, 2018 Keserwan Lebanon Middle East

Al Zouwada, Mar Charbel: Afif's Bakery in Hrajel
Non-smokers friendly
Authentic & Traditional

Phone Number:

Address: Hrajel main road after the roundabout, Keserwan, Lebanon ( 07:00AM - 04:00PM)


Price Range: 2-10 $

There are so many places in Lebanon that offer amazingly delicious bites - some you know, some you'll get to know and some you'll remember. If you're a ski lover or happen to live in the Kesrerwan area, you'll definitely know this one... Start your day with Afif: His humor, good food, and humble attitude all combined - make this man a perfect choice.



  • Who's Afif? He's the man who makes the best lahem baajine and homemade Laban in town.
  • Where? His place is called Mar Charbel Bakery or better yet known by "Ambaratouriyet el Lahme Beajine", located just a few meters away from the Hrajel roundabout. This small eatery is owned and managed by Afif Zgheib and there to help him is his younger brother.


As soon as you enter the eatery, Afif shouts out welcoming you into his humble place. He treats you like he's known you a long time, or that you're an accustomed customer... He then asks you to remind him of your family name before he starts giving you a detailed report about your roots and ancestors.


Good food, welcoming, humble, fresh homemade laban, and some entertainment... The simplicity of the Zgheib brothers will definitely make you start your day with a smile ... Just imagine a thin and crunchy crust, covered with local fresh meat from the village and enjoyed with homemade yogurt "Laben". Yes, it's pronounced "Laben" ... the Keserwani way. Sahtein.


Next time you're going up to Mzaar Kfardebian, make it a point to pass by Afif. It's a discovery indeed.

Suitable For: Authentic & Traditional





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