June 04, 2015

Bocusini – Let's Print Something To Eat...

Just imagine... if you could choose what you wanted to eat on-screen and print it in just a few minutes time? Faster than ordering a delivery right? Bocusini is now making 3D printing more accessible to the masses - the world‘s first plug and play 3D Food Printing system in your own home. Bocusini is a WiFi-enabled 3D food printer which you can use anywhere and which also works straight out of the box. Simply plug it in, drag and drop a design from the brand’s web platform or create one yourself, and print it out.


Anyone can now create culinary masterpiece in just a few clicks with this easy-to-use open source food printing system for gastronomy, patisserie and home applications. It consists of a heated food printing head mounted to a standard 3D printer, a selection of easy to change cartridges with printable food, an intuitive user interface and the Bocusini.com web platform with creative food designs and recipes.

Bocusini consists of a heated food printing head mounted to a standard 3D printer, as well as cartridges of ingredients. It prints ingredients layer by layer, much like a computer-controlled pastry bag.


Currently, the cartridges will appeal to those with a sweet tooth, as the Bocusini comes with pre-filled cartridges of marzipan, chocolate and fudge. The company will later release additional cartridges under six food categories: confectionary, bakery products, snack products, fruit and vegetables, meat, and dairy. These could include ingredients such as cookies, potato crisps, fruit jellies, patés and cream cheese.

You can also create your own designs using a smart device and an open source graphical user interface. The Bocusini templates and user interface are all open source, as Print2Taste wants to encourage users to create and share their own designs.

Bocusini is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. If all goes to plan, the product will start shipping in December 2015.

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