September 07, 2017 Cyprus Europe

Breakfast at Amathus Beach Hotel Limassol, Cyprus
Non-smokers friendly
All You Can Eat

Phone Number: +357 2583 2000

Address: 75 Amathounta Avenue 4532 Limassol, Cyprus


Price Range: 100-1000 $

Endless choices of tasty offerings, several islands of freshly prepared items, two live cooking stations and dedicated staff that are trained to satisfy any dream you might have. Breakfast at Amathus resort is one you should not miss, an exceptional experience I'll remember for a long time.


Arriving at the hotel the day before, we were welcomed to breakfast on the second floor next to the reception. A very good breakfast that turned out to be less than what the hotel usually offers. Yesterday was good and up to standard, today things became even better.

Arrive to the breakfast hall, give your room number and let yourself be guided. They apologize if you wait for more than a minute, make sure to give you the best table even if this means the two chairs next to you will stay empty, smile and greet all the way... I thought I was dreaming, this is not what I have previously experienced in Cyprus.


A long table of hot food, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, vegetables and much more. Freshly prepared eggs, pancakes and crepes. A load of croissants and Danish pastries. Any kind of cheese you might crave. Three kinds of smoked salmon. Cold cuts, vegetables and seasonings. A dedicated area for fruits. Milk, water and juices.

Loved the way the bacon is cooked, the eggs not feeling oily and heavy, sweet beans served warm, smoked salmon of an excellent quality with a wide variety of fruits, nuts and cereals. I enjoyed a loaded bowl of freshly cut fruits, compote fruits, healthy nuts and cereals. I loved everything about this breakfast!


On the other hand, the eggs Benedict prepared in the kitchen were not up to standard. What should have been a poached egg was instead a fried one topped with a tasteless hollandaise on a bed of chewy toast, instead of English muffins which should be used. I expected better.

I couldn't stop eating...I enjoyed the freshly made waffles and pancakes with a spread of Nutella and a drizzle of maple syrup, ordered another coffee while time passed slowly and enjoyably.

Suitable For: All You Can Eat





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An Enjoyable Culinary Experience at Amathus Hotel Limassol