March 27, 2020

Can You Have a Healthy Meal at Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurant?

Eating healthy can be a challenge nowadays. And if you follow a healthy diet, it is difficult to find options that are nutritious and healthy at the same time. Fast food is typically made of unhealthy fat and it is loaded with calories. One unhealthy fast food meal has a huge number of calories, and so the calorie intake of one fast food meal is enough for all day. But we know that this is not working and after a few hours, you are hungry again. 

When you are going hiking, you probably know healthy snacks you can prepare for your trip. But when you are so endorsed in everyday living, how do you choose your restaurant? Fast food restaurants have the advantage of preparing your food fast, and some of them also offer healthy food options. Here are some of them. 

  1. McDonald’s 

McDonald’s is among the most popular chains of fast-food restaurants, with over 119 restaurants all over the world, say writers from uk essays and write my paper. It is mostly known for its iconic Big Mac and other burger options.

McDonald’s has mostly unhealthy fast food, but it also offers some options for people that want to eat healthily. Among these is a selection of salads made with chicken and vegetables. You can also choose a healthy snake of apple slices.  

Depending on the restaurant location, McDonald’s has a personalized menu. For example, the menu from Asia is different from the one in the USA and you might find more healthy options in McDonald’s restaurants from other parts of the world.

  1. KFC 

Kentucky Fried Chicken is another popular chain of fast-food restaurants known for its crispy and hot chicken strips or chicken wings. They are deep-fried which makes them unhealthy. However, some KFC restaurants have healthy options for their customers and they sell grilled chicken. You also have the option of choosing corn or green beans as a substitute for French fries. 

  1. Subway 

Subway might be one of the healthiest fast-food chains because it gives you the option of personalizing your sandwich. It offers a wide variety of subs and you can choose from Subway suggestions or you can make your own sandwich. You have plenty of meat options such as beef, chicken, and fish. There are also veggie options and you have a wide variety of vegetables and cheese types to choose from. 

Some subway restaurants also offer salads, which can be a healthier option than a sandwich.  

  1. Taco Bell  

Taco Bell is another well-known fast-food chain restaurant that has healthy meal choices for more health-conscious customers. Taco Bell says that more than half of their menu has under 500 calories, so you have plenty of choices. However, some are healthier than others such as Chicken Soft Taco, the Bean Burrito or a Veggie Bowl. 

  1. Chipotle 

Chipotle is a Mexican chain of fast-food restaurants that is a combination of Taco Bell and Subway. It offers a wide variety of Mexican meals such as burritos and tacos that you can personalize however you want. Among the healthiest meals you can order at Chipotle are the steak salad, burrito bowls and healthy deserts as small portions of fresh fruits such as oranges or blackberries. 

  1. Wendy’s 

Wendy’s is another chain of fast-food restaurants that has grown in popularity in the last years. Even though it does not have so many healthy choices on their menu, you have some to choose from. Wendy’s offers you the possibility of customizing your meals so you can add more healthy ingredients. 

Their menu is mostly made of a wide variety of burgers and French fries, so you might want to avoid these meal options as they are not healthy. You can opt for a healthy salad, a baked potato with filling and condiments or apple bites. 

  1. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is one of the firsts restaurants to have a menu completely of chicken meals. They offer healthy meal options such as grilled chicken, grilled salad or Sunflower Multigrain Bagel. They are specialized in chicken sandwiches and chicken nuggets and you can personalize your meal. Chick-fil-A also has healthy and low-calorie breakfast options. 

  1. Ruby Tuesday 

Ruby Tuesday has restaurants all over the world and they have a wide offer of healthy foods. Their menu is mostly based on pasta, seafood, and burgers, but you can also find plenty of salad options. You will find the healthiest meals marked on their menu and they also have meal options for people with dietary or gluten intolerance. You can personalize your meal and opt for a healthy meal made of fish or steak with vegetables. 


Finding healthy food options among so many fast-food restaurants can be a challenge. But most of them have introduced healthier options for more health-conscious customers. Some of them offer you the option of personalizing your meal however you want, while others have standard options. You can choose from a wide variety of salads, sandwiches and fruit bites. 

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