January 14, 2020

Fashion and Fast Food Chain Meet in Limited Edition Packaging

McDonald’s teamed up with fashion designer Alexander Wang to launch the ultimate lunch bag for its Tmall Super Brand Day sales event last month: a limited-edition black, rattan picnic basket.



The baskets are a nod to the fast-food giant’s takeout dining experience and are designed with the McDonald’s menu in mind: They are large enough to carry two beverages and a Golden Bucket – a new menu offering with packaging designed by Wang. The crossover capsule, titled the AW Golden Collection, also featured clutches inspired by the look and feel of the brand’s takeaway lunch bags.


All 300 of the picnic baskets, priced at RMB5,888 ($842) each, sold out in seconds, McDonald’s said. The 30,000 lunch bags ($14 each) released on McDonald’s Tmall flagship store were gone in 10 minutes.

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