October 22, 2014 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Have You Met Michel Yet?
Non-smokers friendly


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 9/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 26/30

Architecture / Interior: 8/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10

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AU Bistrot de Michel, a coup de coeur if I my say, has been one of my favorite French bistros in Beirut since it first opened. I've been there three times already, three times where Michel himself welcomed me, where the food was great, where the ambiance was pleasant and where the improvements never seem to end.


Michel, located in one of Achrafieh's calm streets, is a place everyone should try. Searching for calm and peace of mind, good food and positive energy, don't think twice, Michel will surely satisfy your demands. Not located in a busy neighborhood, Michel's place has a calm feel reflecting the real French tradition of a "Bistrot de Quartier" or a neighborhood restaurant. 

The first thing I always order is the chicken liver with Porto plate. Starting with that, I then try other things on the menu as well. I love his salads, his asparagus, which he specializes in, the quality of the meat and surely the chocolate cake, which I never miss. 

Back to Michel, his little eatery and the man behind this small concept, which is sure to have you smiling. Come here to eat calmly, come here to be pampered, come here for guaranteed enjoyment and good food.


The place:

  • A one door place located in the heart of Achrafieh behind bank Byblos Headquarters
  • Red curtains protect the restaurants from strong sunny spells during day time, as well as hides the black wood supporting glass doors.
  • Two black boards display the menu and specials
  • Inside, a cozy place with white ceiling and light wood parquet
  • A bar at the end of the restaurant displays the wine collection
  • A long mirror to the left makes the place look bigger supported by a long brown bench under it
  • To the right a beautiful design wallpaper is decorated with two Parisian style paintings
  • Three pending burgundy lanterns pend over the tables
  • Over the bar, a basket of flowers adds a touch of finesse
  • Dark wood tables surrounded by brown chairs and decorated with nylon beige placemats, white plates and a tissue napkins In the middle a Peugeot pepper mill and a salt dispenser

On the menu were some classics, as well as the blackboard showcasing some specialties.


The menu sections:

  • Plats du jour
  • Nos salades
  • Nos plats
  • Nos accompagnements
  • Nos douceurs
  • Nos boissons


We enjoyed dinner:

  • The artichoke salad composed of warm artichoke heart mixed with grilled, fresh mushrooms is breathtaking. Simplicity, mixed fresh greens and a lemony sauce, while the cooked ingredients melt pleasantly under your teeth.
  • Asparagus Salad: On a round plate, five freshly imported asparagus are served with palmito shoots that crunch pleasantly erupting into a hundred flavors. I loved its lemony effect and saltiness that tickles your taste buds. Perfectly cooked and served warm, they crumble gently and pleasantly. Some heart of palms and cherry tomatoes add a touch of color while the lettuce makes this plate filling.
  • A bed of mango cubes topped by a cylinder of fresh crab... That's a crab salad that should not be missed. Lemony crab, fresh and juicy, with a hint of sweetness to end the experience in style. Next to that are a couple of endive leaves and cherry tomatoes.
  • The goat salad is to die for. (Fromage de chevre, mesclin de salades, figue, sauce sucree) Four slices of toasted bread topped with a mountain of heated goat cheese, blending perfectly well with the mixed greens and their sauce, as well as the thin, sliced apple quarters. Not only that, but don't forget to search for the chunks of fig jam that add a certain enjoyable sweetness.
  • Asparagus and mushroom risottos: I have had better. A good recipe but a bit salty and overcooked. A little fine tuning could make it great.
  • Grilled salmon: This is the only plate I hadn’t eaten at Michel, and I believe that it is excellent. The last time I had such premium piece of grilled salmon, juicy and moist, full of flavor and perfectly marinated was at Salmontini (La Maison du Saumon) before it closed down. I loved the saltiness of the mix, the artichoke hearts, the bed of spinach and the carrots cut in squares. It is perfect as it is, but the yellow sauce is wonderful and adds a little something. Juicy, enjoyable saltiness. Bravo chef!
  • The meat had no hidden surprises. Just good meat quality, tender and juicy, served with crunchy oil-free French fries.
  • Foie de Volaille au Porto: One of my favorite plates at Michel’s is the chicken liver and its incredible sauce. Just throw your fries in and enjoy the mix in style. The meat is so tender and light and the sauce exquisite. The chicken liver plate with its strong peppery flavor is a unique dish, which I loved. Even though salty today, I finished it completely. I would recommend you try the chicken liver plate’s sauce with the meat - it is exquisite.


What I love about Michel's restaurant is that the food has been the same since I first came here. Good quality ingredients and tasty dishes. But trust me, the adventure is not done until you've tried their chocolate cake and mini profiteroles.

The chocolate molten cake is orgasmic... It's worth visiting Michel just for this cake. A cake homogeneously soft like butter around it all and tastes like chocolate truffles. I think the photo below is enough to make you want to try it

Third time here and I'll surely visit again.





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