June 27, 2021

Lebanon CME Wins Best IoT/Telematics-based Project of the Year at INSURETEK

Lebanon CME wins Best IoT/Telematics-based Project of the Year at INSURETEK International Conference and Golden Shield Excellence Awards in Dubai

The Lebanese technology firm’s health engagement platform INGO Heath was recognized as the year’s best IoT/Telematics-based project for improving health and wellbeing 

Beirut, Lebanon - 18 June 2021: CME Offshore, a Lebanese technology firm based in Beirut and operating internationally through 5 global offices, has been recognized at the INSURETEK Middle East 2021 International Conference and Golden Shield Excellence Awards, claiming “Best IoT/Telematics-based Project of the Year” for “INGO Health” the most comprehensive health engagement platform available today. 

CME was recognized for its technology innovation that contributes to improving people’s wellbeing, with INGO Health successfully enabling companies and insurers who adopt the program to improve the health and wellness of their employees and members. 

INGO Health is a new innovative solution developed by CME Offshore. With more than 250 multidisciplinary engineers based in Beirut, the company has received several awards since its creation in 2003, for building creative solutions coupling software and smart hardware to durably solve the most complex business challenges for leading global brands, including top US Fortune 500 companies.

Wissam Youssef, co-founder and CEO of CME Offshore, said: “Being recognized as a winner in such a competitive category is a moment of huge pride for everybody connected with CME, and especially for our team who designed and developed INGO Health software and smart device, from the heart of Beirut. Another fact checked that Lebanon has world-class tech talents, which, if properly supported, will play a significant role in the country’s economic recovery. A message to all Lebanese engineers: you can build an exciting career and get international exposure while staying in your home country! We are proud that Lebanese expertise has been recognized, once again, with such a prestigious award.”

About INGO Health

INGO Health is a comprehensive health engagement platform offered by companies as part of their corporate wellness programs, which can also be incorporated by insurers and healthcare payers as part of their medical or life insurance plans.

Organizations offering INGO Health improve the health and wellbeing of their staff by driving behavioral change toward a healthier lifestyle through gamification and tangible rewards. The solution encompasses a mobile app, a smart water bottle, a marketplace, and an administration and business intelligence application to set up the program and track its social and financial impact.

From the user’s standpoint, the solution provides a highly interactive and human-centric experience, amplifying the motivational aspect by integrating multiple gamification layers and social interactions. The uniquely designed INGO Smart Water Bottle captures intake with the utmost precision. It is the most accurate device on the market today. 

About INSURETEK (www.insuretek.org )

INSURETEK Middle East International Conference and Golden Shield Excellence Awards ceremony showcase organizational commitment and professionalism to deliver value to customers, oversee network expansion, and invest in innovative technology in what continues to be a constantly challenging environment.

The fifth annual invitation-only event took place in Dubai on June 9, 2021, and highlighted the advancements made in the regional insurance sector. Participants learned about the latest industry best practices, networking with peers, tech entrepreneurs, investors, and insurance industry incumbents throughout the proceedings.

In addition to INGO Health, CME showcased two key solutions at INSURETEK. First, the Health Information Intelligence Platform (H.I.I.P), a modern, digital-first, end-to-end healthcare benefits administration and claims management platform for insurers, TPAs, and national healthcare authorities. Second, the digital CX solution, purpose-built for the insurance industry to help insurers provide superior digital customer experience with unmatched Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and automation capabilities, deploying faster Time-to-Market with no-code configuration of lines of business and market workflows.​  

About CME Offshore 

CME Offshore is a Lebanese technology firm known for its premium world-class services and solutions, leveraging advanced designs and cutting-edge technologies. The company’s technology team of 250+ engineers based in Lebanon has helped over 100 clients worldwide, including top US Fortune 500 companies, to become and remain leaders in their fields.

From Beirut, and across the company’s 5 global offices (US, Argentina, Sweden, India, China), CME delivered far more than 250 innovative projects, serving over 80 million users and contributing to 8 US Patents.

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