June 29, 2017 Tripoli North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

LoCal: The Wheat Free Bakery
Healthy Treats

Phone Number: +961 6 210 450

Address: Saba Zreiq street, Tarablus, Tripoli, Lebanon ( 07:30AM - 09:00PM)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/LoCalwheatfreebakery/

Price Range: 4-15 $

Received the night before, bags full of products coming all the way from Tripoli... I woke up early to try them, a handful of fine creations - all wheat free - freshly produced every morning in the capital of the north. I was expecting to discover something new but honestly not something as good as Local's Wheat free bakery products.


Located in Tripoli, the bakery specializes in wheat-free products some of which were delivered to me to try... after tasting their creations, I planned a visit - the next day - to their shop located in the heart of the city for the full experience.

I started with the fresh products. Croissants stuffed with cheese and others with flowing dark chocolate, spinach triangles, cheese sliders and cheese sambousik. I loved how fresh they are, the several layers of bread, the sesame that tops them and the rich moist filling. It's not like a lot of speciality bread, usually hard and biscuity without flavor and a filling that's not to be found. I enjoyed every single one of the choices this morning.

Soy beans, oat, corn and four cereal products with a selection of desserts and healthy potato chips.

The salted biscuits or "Salaisons" are outstanding! Very crunchy, very crispy, airy and light, four of each covered with a different ingredient. Zaatar, cheese, sesame and nigella sativa.


The next day, I drove to Tripoli for a feel of the place in person. LoCal is a healthy wheat-free bakery open on Saba Zreid street. Open all day, they also have some tables serving breakfast from 7am. Asking the owner's dad who was handling the shop I was informed that pizzas and sandwiches are served for lunch.

With a big smile on his face and happy to welcome his guests, meet Mr. Khodor, so excited to introduce you to his concept and the creations they have been proudly preparing for sometime now.

I started with the pizza, followed by the zaatar manoushe, the crispy fatayer, tender sambousik and special croissants. Everything they do is excellent!!!! And wait until you've tried their chips: can you imagine that the best thing I've had in the shop is the chips, yes, simply potato chips. A bag that's only 44 calories is loaded with very thin and very crispy baked potato chips, a guilt-free and extremely tasty snack.


I was happy to have visited... Mr. Khodor kept roaming around us bringing one item after the other, opening bags and looking at our expressions. No words can describe the pride I felt for this caring father who's so passionate about his daughter's achievements.

LoCal Bakery, the wheat free healthy bakery is well worth a trip to Tripoli for.

Suitable For: Healthy Treats





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