March 18, 2015

NoGarlicNoOnions' Mothers Day Lunch at Tawlet

We are back, celebrating lunch with 10 different women from the four corners of Lebanon, cooking for the love of our country down at Tawlet. Remember our last gathering in December? If you missed it, make sure to join this time.

Come join me on March 19 for lunch at Tawlet to enjoy a rich buffet covered with authentic Lebanese food. The list of food choices are endless, but together with Tawlet, we bring you an appetizing selection of various Lebanese dishes prepared by Lebanese women from different parts of the country...

An all cooks special menu, gathering the star dishes of Tawlet's moms, selected by NoGarlicNoOnions, "Promoting Lebanese authentic food"...

NoGarlicNoOnions all cooks lunch Tawlet

MARCH 19, 2015

Shoo tabkha el mama?

  • Tabbouleh mansoufeh, Em Ali
  • Ores anne, Em Amer
  • Fresh salad, Tawlet
  • Shish barak, Maria Doueihy
  • Horak osabao, Roula Hashash
  • Kebbeh sajiyeh, Ossan Tachidjian
  • Mloukhiyeh djeij, Ahlam Barakat
  • Makhlouta, Jabal Moussa
  • Maftoul bi lahmeh, Em Amer
  • Sfarjaliyeh, Ibtissam Masto
  • Pastila di djeij, Hanane Afdili
  • Kebbeh arnabiyeh, Mouasat
  • Frakeh jnoubiyeh, Em Ali
  • Hommous, Tawlet

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