April 07, 2020

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I'm Anthony Rahayel,
“Lebnen A7la Balad Bel 3alam” and I’ve been trying to prove it since 2012. I’m Anthony Rahayel, passionate Lebanese, dental surgeon by profession, professional photographer, advocate of great food, blogger, YouTuber, influencer, marketing expert and TV presenter; having one and single aim, that is to show Lebanese and the world, “The Lebanon as not seen on TV”. I have founded Lebanon’s street food market “Souk el Akel” and won the award of “World Street Food Blogger of 2019”.

Since 2012 I’ve had only one goal – To uncover the real face of Lebanon, not the one that makes headlines on international television shows, but the real, the amazing, raditional and authentic Lebanon. It is that Lebanon I seek to broadcast far and wide. A Lebanon full of life, passion and vitality, full of people who are producing the most wonderful dishes, meals, desserts and much, much more.
My name is Anthony Rahayel and I am the founder of No Garlic No Onions.

I am passionate about Lebanon and Lebanese heroes, traveling around Lebanon and the world searching for the best food and food creators. My dream is to show the world "A7la Balad Bel 3alam".
No Garlic No Onions started as a food blog in 2010, then expended into many branches such as "Souk el Akel" the street food market, "The Box" which is a local goodies box delivered to your doorstep supporting artisans in the villages, "The Foodies Trail" the food tour that allows people to discover authentic street food and traditional cities, and of course "Mechwar" which is a my program presented on MTV Lebanon and my YouTube Channel.
Let me tell you moreaboutMechwar:Mechwar first started in 2014 as a program that would allow us Lebanese to better know our country, our villages and most importantly our heritage. Later on, it expended into discovering and introducing what I call "The Forgotten Heroes of Lebanon". 
The Heroes are those people that worked so hard on preserving the authentic aspect of things and spreading the Lebanese vibe around the world. Our Heroes could be the fisherman on an old port in Lebanon, the butcher up in the mountains of Lebanon as well as a restaurateur in Beirut.
With time, "Mechwar" went a step further from introducing our Lebanese Heroes, I started traveling to countries where there is a significant Lebanese presence and showcasing their work. Showing how amazing Lebanese are,howperseverant they are and most of all how strong and passionate about their culture and country they are. 
I need your help to expand my mission and show the world how amazing Lebanese are.
With more than 150,000 followers on Instagram, 95,000 followers on Facebook and 130,000 subscribers on YouTube the outcome and wave will spread fast. Believe me!
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