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10 Favorite Spots: Where to Enjoy Sushi in Lebanon!

Sushi is a global convenience food of choice and Lebanon is by no means an exception to the international trend. But did you know that Sushi was originally a street food, a working-class dish that became “haute” after getting a facelift with time. Today, in Lebanon, you can find sushi served in most places … Japanese restaurants, international cuisine restaurants and even at selected supermarkets … But where can we enjoy some good and tasty ones around town. Travel with me across the country and discover some of my favorites …

Mitsu-Ya: Head to Head with the Chef - The Omakase Experience

His name is Mitsu and he's the chef at MitsuYa or the house of Mitsu. Straight from Japan, he prepares one roll at a time, one slice at a time … It’s truly an experience to be sitting at the bar in front of Mitsu for Omakase.


TSU: The Asian Garden of Eden

I never imagined such a beautiful garden in the heart of Achrafieh with a view of busy Akkawi Street under the beautiful skyline of modern Beirut. That's Tsu, Beirut's latest Asian place, with a twist of freshness, finesse and color.


Sai: A Flavorful Japanese Spot in Mtayleb

Sai is a Japanese restaurant that caters to the upper Metn area. In Azar Centre, next to L'Univers D'albert, Sai welcomes you in this small place fitted with eight tables and a bar. Sushi rolls are prepared in front of you while the place is brought to life with a TV screen and background music. It's small, so you feel like you're sitting on a single table sharing conversations.


P.F. Chang's: Asia in a Roll and Some Marvelous Desserts

I sincerely enjoy P.F. Chang's, especially the one at City Centre Beirut where the staff is smiley and welcoming... We've been here, my wife and I, more than six times already and have positive feedback every time. Last year saw the launch of Sushi a la PF and here's my review of their latest sushi menu.


Benihana: Serving Japanese Food for the Last 22 Years in Beirut

I honestly thought Benihana was closed. I haven’t heard of it in a while and haven’t heard anyone mention its name in a long time. I happened to be in the area when I spotted it and thought, it’s unacceptable not to have Benihana on the site especially that it is one of the first Japanese restaurants in town and it’s a shame that I have not tried it yet.


Yoshi: Impressed Every time!

I went to Yoshi to enjoy dinner with my family. I was not planning on writing a review that night... but I couldn't stop myself from doing so. It was my third time already and every time the experience is better than the one before. Exceptional salads, one of a kind seafood ceviche and much more, all in a cozy and calm atmosphere handled by professional staff.


Le Sushi Bar: Guaranteed Dining Enjoyment!

Le Sushi Bar, Beirut's popular Japanese restaurant has been serving local and international clients with fine Asian creations improved and updated on a yearly basis. I've been here several times, enjoyed each one of my experiences here and I am back again to relive the journey.


Steak Bar Sushi: Surrender to a Unique Culinary Experience!

Surrender your senses and experience a restaurant like no other. Steak Bar Sushi is a place with no competition in town, where sushi and meat join under one roof. The culinary journey starts as soon as you open up the elevator door.


Ichiban Express: Professional Packaging, Good Food

Ichiban Express is a popular casual sushi restaurant with more than a dozen locations across Lebanon. I've been ordering a lot from them lately and have realized that their rolls as well as their packaging have improved drastically!


Osaka Beirut: Good Food, New Decor

Osaka has recently changed and improved literally everything in it's premises in Hamra, taking the Japanese experience to another level. After ten years of operation, Osaka now boasts a new decor, a serious one with fine lines, as well as a new highend menu that now includes beautiful food photos, nice placemats, bamboo chopsticks...


Shogun Beirut: Just Perfect!

Shogun is a restaurant occupying the last floor of Annahar building, a beautiful restaurant with fine dining touches, taking Japanese cuisine to the next level and lately adding Chinese food to the menu. This was my third visit, I really enjoy this place.


Jap: Excellent Japanese Food

Jap is a fine dining Japanese restaurant by U.Bay and open now on the first floor of this iconic old house down in Jounieh's old souk. I've previously tried Jap's food on the rooftop and down at Table Fine, I've met the chef several times and now was time to try the restaurant experience. 

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