June 03, 2012 Lebanon Middle East

2011’s Top 10 List: Best French Restaurants in Lebanon


1- Chez Sophie, Mar Mikhael Chez Sophie, what can I say about this special place in Mar Mikhael, Lebanon.  In a stand-alone home like location, I believe that Chez Sophie is one of the best places in Lebanon. Looking around town, you can tell that many are trying to copy it, compete with it… even international names, but will they be able to do so? (Read More)

2- Le Talleyrand, Kantary Le Talleyrand is indeed one of the oldest fine dining restaurants in Beirut. When Le Talleyrand first opened seven years ago, none of the existing fine dining restaurants had seen the light – Chez Sophie,Chez Jean-ClaudeLa Table Fine  and Burgundy where only ideas or concepts. (Read more)

3- Balthus, Downtown Beirut (Review Coming Soon)

4- Burgundy, Saifi It’s a great place, but way too expensive.  With a world renowned chef, I understand that you’re paying for more than just the taste – you’re also paying for the ambiance, status and the art of cuisine. But frankly, I still felt that the prices were too high. (Read More)

5- Chez Jean-Claude, Achrafieh One of the best around. Few French bistros compare to Chez Jean-Claude, it suits all types of get-togethers and offers some of the most delicious French food in the city. (Read More)

6- Le S.T.A.Y, Beirut Souks S.T.A.Y is one of Lebanon’s latest fine dining addresses located in Souks of Beirut. The word S.T.A.Y is an abbreviation for Simple Table Alleno Yannick, a many times Michelin star awarded French chef. (Read More)

7- La Table Fine, Jounieh Table Fine restaurant is set in an old renovated Lebanese house, where turquoise and Oriental patterns are harmoniously married. Full height French windows offer a panoramic view over the Mediterranean Sea, and gives guests the opportunity to dine al fresco. (Read More)

8- La Maison Du Caviar, Saifi La Maison du Caviar, one of the newest names in restaurant venues to open in Beirut, is an international chain that is well established around the world. (Read More)

9- Le Cocteau, Downtown Beirut Last week I called Cocteau to make sure I would find a table this wednesday to try the new   location of one of which was my favorite restaurant in Sodeco, Achrafieh. Cocteau who followed on the steps of “Le Vieux Quartier”, this restaurant that was the only fine dining place since the seventies. (Read More)

10- Couqley, The Alleyway Gemmayze This is a place that screams ‘lovely,’ from the setup to the cuisine. (Read More)  

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