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2012: Best Lebanese Restaurants in Lebanon


After visiting dozens of Lebanese restaurants this year, I published below my favourite ones. From the Lebanese with a twist, Authentic Lebanese and High-End Lebanese restaurants, those are the ones that stand out.


A New Surprise Every Time I Go! I have written about this place a few times already, but every time I think no matter what I say, I realize that it’s never enough. I try to visit the restaurant as much as I can and often times I try  to go there with new friends. I want more people to know, »more…

Al-Halabi Restaurant, Antelias:

Al-Halabi, one of the oldest Lebanese restaurants in Lebanon and one of the few who restaurants that have continued on providing the same quality, taste and service for the past decades. Whenever I think of going out for lunch on Sundays; Al Halabi is the first place that comes to mind. Its location is easy »more…

Fouad, Hrajel:

Fouad is a small restaurant in Nabe3 el Mghara, Hrajel located far away from the tourists and the main road. A few know it since the owner, Fouad, doesn’t know anything about marketing the place, but this is just it! The best authentic Lebanese restaurant serving food the way our ancestors used to prepare them. No advertising is needed as the restaurant is always fully booked. (Read More)

Mhanna Sur Mer, Amchit:

Did you ever have this sense of amazement when you enter and leave a restaurant? Leaving a place feeling happy? Going back home with a smile? This is what Mhanna Sur Mer is all about: Perfection! I’ve been to Mhanna Sur Mer five times already and every time I like it better than the time »more…

Chebli, Naas Bickfaya:

Chebli restaurant in Naas, a few minutes from the village of Bickfaya in Metn, has been catering to Lebanese food lovers for past couple of years. The place attracts both Lebanese and tourists as it’s food is great and it’s setting is even more appealing. (Read More)

Al-Sultan Brahim, Maameltein:

Al-Sultan Brahim is one of the oldest Lebanese restaurants in town offering its loyal customers a complete menu of local traditional food as well as the signature fish items. (Read More)

Babel, Dbayeh:

 Babel; the grandiose Babel. A combination of unique architecture, good food and joyful moments. Babel, located on the Dbayeh highway, is a restaurant you won’t be able to miss while driving on the highway, with it’s big facade and high rotating sign. I’ve been to Babel three times already and every time I enjoy it as »more…

Al Chalouf, Jezzine:

Seated on the highest point of the famous Jezzine waterfall, 75 meters over the valley, AL-Chalouf provides a great view off the sea. It is a restaurant like any other Lebanese restaurant in Lebanon but the only difference between Al-Chalouf and others in the region is the fact that they serve top notch food quality. I say that because the reputation of the food in the region has not been super in the past couple of years. (Read More)

Kahwet Leila, Gemmayze:

I have a new favorite spot in town, and that’s Kahwet Leila. From the same people that brought us Leila, the chain of restaurants that we’ve all loved so much over the past few years, this latest addition opened on the Gemmayze main strip. It has a unique and very creative identity, taking you back in time to a Beirut that we only read about in books or heard about from our parents and grandparents. (Read More)

Leila, Verdun:

It all starts the minute you step foot at the door step… An enjoyable experience that would make you cheer up. Leila, located on the Main Street of Verdun is a two levels restaurant with high ceiling decorated with huge chandelier. The walls around the space are decorated with hundreds of patterns and paintings. A »more…

Al-Sultan Brahim, Maameltein:

Al-Sultan Brahim is one of the oldest Lebanese restaurants in town offering its loyal customers a complete menu of local traditional food as well as the signature fish items. The Al-Sultan Brahim story started in 1968 in the region of Jnah in Beirut before moving to Antelias in 1978. In Antelias, the place built its »more…

Chez Sami, Maameltein:

The restaurant chez sami specializes in premium quality seafood, and is located in the maameltein –jounieh region , servicing mainly the local markets of kesrouan, jbeil and metn as well as the tourists visiting the region and which represent a sizable portion of the client base is composed of businessmen, corporate executives and politicians who arrange their business lunches and dinners invitations at “CHEZ SAMI”. (Read More)

Le Galet, Tabarja:

The first impression was a bit awkward; it’s a small passage next to old houses, leading you to the restaurant. Once there, you discover very nice calm blue colors, decorated by some funky pillows, a large aquarium, adequate lighting and nice table ware an a splendid sea view. We ate very well. (Read More)

Al Yater, Tabarja:

Al Yater is one of the latest Lebanese seafood restaurants to be added to the long list of restaurants the Keserwan region has to offer. But this one is special. It all starts with the decoration of this three-story restaurant located on the water of Tabarja bay, a couple of meters away from Le Galet»more…

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