January 10, 2015

2014: Finest Desserts in Lebanon


The Meringue Mountain at VILLA CLARA

What made a superb last impression, making us forget about the small imperfections during dinner, was the giant mountain of meringue. Meringue is not the easiest of things to prepare sometimes gives off a bad, repulsive smell only professionals know how to master. This meringue was extremely tasty, beautifully presented and worth coming back for. Light crunchiness and subtle creaminess where every bite takes you on a journey around the world .

Ashta bel Ashta at BABEL

Ashta bel ashta, a dessert which deserves an award: Ashta ice cream perfectly prepared without any unneeded sweetness, topped with fresh ashta laid on a bed of flower jam and finished off with sugar syrup and crushed pistachio nuts. To be honest, the previous setup was more appealing, with the ashta portions that were bigger and the sugar syrup wasless sweet. Anyway, I am still in love with it.

Peanut Butter Sundae at FROSTY PALACE

Two scoops of peanut butter ice cream, chocolate sauce, freshly whipped cream and toasted peanuts. Orgasmic! Just imagine in a long glass cup, filled with those awesome ingredients. In every bite there is fresh cream, a strong chocolate flavor, a fine peanut butter hard ice cream that's full bodied, and a salty aftertaste that makes all the difference. Wait... The crunch of the peanuts at the end, add his enjoyable texture... I loved this heavenly creation.

Banana Cream Pie from MAGNOLIA BAKERY

Uffffff... Wowww... Extraordinary, fantastic. A slight crunch, an enjoyable yellow light pastry cream and whipped cream on top. I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I was while eating it. It's so awesome! So excellent! So exquisite!

Caramel and Nutella Pizza at PZZA.CO

We had one divided in two. Caramel and Nutella, both superb and different. The Nutella pizza is simply awesome! I am not a fan of Nutella, but believe me this one is different. The dough absorbs the chocolate giving it an intense, sweet taste and a light crunch like no other. Combined with a light, salty taste that creates a one-of-a-kind flavor. Lightly crunchy and spongy dough that’s enjoyable all the way... But beware of biting your fingers.

Mount Ararat at BATCHIG

Mount Ararat: features four scoops of ice cream—marzipan, almond, pistachio, and rose water—stacked high with Lebanese cotton candy, or ghazel el banet. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect end to the feast.

Mille Feuille at COZMO

On a wooden boards, a long Mille feuille is served. Three layers of puff pastry in between which a thick layer of pastry cream is laid. Beautifully looking, this dessert will make your mouth water. A slight crunch, a sumptuous creaminess and a caramel sauce that add some sweetness. I loved the idea behind this cake, the crispiness of the upper layer, the richness of the cream and the sweetness of the caramel...

Banana Speculoos at GILT

Banana Speculoos (banana biscuit, fresh bananas and cream filling, vanilla Chantilly topping, cinnamon ice cream). A round piece of tart topped with whipped cream, decorated with crunchy wafers. A super crunchy, tasty and enjoyable biscuit filled with debs el kharroub and bananas. Topped with soft banana cream and a couple of banana slices while a small portion of whipped cream add this airy feel. Wow! The cinnamon ice cream on the side is awesome! Crunch, smoothness, softness, finesse... Love.

Mille Feuille at LE TALLEYRAND

The most important part of this dinner and one of the reasons that take me back again to the Talleyrand again and again are the desserts - sumptuous, mouthwatering and exquisite desserts. They prepare the signature in-house Mille Feuille, a big piece that they cut into four smaller parts to be shared on the table. Believe me, you will never taste anything that good. So light and crispy, each bite crunches before crumbling under your teeth. I love its texture and fresh-baked aftertaste of the dough before you reach the pastry cream that flows majestically on your tongue with a unique passion. Just sweet enough, covered with sugar powder and decorated with grilled almonds... it all makes this cake an extraordinary creation: It is the best Mille Feuille in Lebanon for sure.

Molten Chocolate Cake at CHILI'S

Molten Chocolate Cake (Warm chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling. Topped with vanilla ice cream under a crunchy chocolate shell) Love, joy, passion, excitement... You won’t understand what I’m talking about until you try it for yourself: The Chili’s lava cake cannot be described in words. A hot, airy and moist cake richly filled with a chocolate fudge filling that will activate all your taste buds in seconds. An interesting texture where a unique flavor is trapped in for the pleasure of your senses.

Marble Mud Pie at ROADSTER

Just imagine, in case you're not acquainted yet with the Marble Pie: A cake-like shaped ice cream covered in premium caramel and decorated with chocolate sauce. A signature mix of vanilla and chocolate ice cream embracing chunks of condensed brownies over a layer of rich biscuit is just to die for. This mouthwatering dessert deserves an award. 

Chocolate Cake at LE BISTRO DE MICHEL

Moelleux Chocolat de Cedrik: WOW. Bravo, bravo, bravo. It's worth visiting Michel just for this cake. A cake homogeneously soft like butter around it all and tastes like chocolate truffles. I think the photo below is enough to make you want to try it





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