December 04, 2014

43 Absolutely Necessary Items For Everyone Obsessed With Burgers

43 Absolutely Necessary Items For Everyone Obsessed With Burgers

Your decor, your wardrobe: bring burgers into every aspect of your life.

1. Bean Bag

Bean Bag

Rest your weary bones on a billowy burger.

2. Soap


Yes, this is soap. SOAP. Incredibly realistic soap to wash off all the grease after a night of grilling.

3. Rubber Stamp

Rubber Stamp

Keep this on your desk. Do not use sparingly.

4. Flipper

It would just feel wrong to flip over a grilled cheese with one of these.

5. Seat Pack

Seat Pack

Keep your valuables safe and sound betwixt these buns.

6. Heels


The eyes are somewhat creepy, but how can you resist teetering around on your favorite food?

7. Plate Set

Get ‘em off the grill and onto these plates.

8. Wooden Play Food

Babies should learn to recognize the majesty of the burger before they can actually eat them — let them teethe away on a wooden one.

9. Socks


The unfortunate thing? They’ll smell like feet, not burger.

10. “Well Done” Print

Some triple patty action for your wall.

11. Embossing Rolling Pin

Embossing Rolling Pin

Sometimes you just want to eat something sweet… but there’s no reason that something sweet can’t be embossed with burgers.

12. Bag


A purse with all the fixings.

13. Pillow


The sweetest little burger you ever did see. Perfect to cuddle up on the couch with.

14. Greeting Card

Greeting Card

Send a message of love to a fellow burger fiend.

15. Stuffed Burger

Stuffed Burger

Breathe it in. If you REALLY focus and use your full imaginative powers, you may just be able to smell the grease.

16. Earrings


Deliciousness dangling from your earlobes.

17. Shorts


Let your child prance around wearing these charbroiled cuties.

18. Bib


Useful for catching ketchup droplets and other assorted debris.

19. Cross-Stitch Kit

Cross-Stitch Kit

Get crafty in honor of the perfect (edible) muse.

20. Birthday Card

Birthday Card

If your friends know you well, this card will be waiting in your mailbox when your birthday arrives.

21. Hamper

Strut on down to the laundry room carrying this gem of a bag.

22. Instruments


The hamburger is a castanet and the fries are maracas: they’ll make such beautiful music together.

23. Pillow


A screenprinted, hand-stuffed burger that will sit on your bed instead of a plate.

24. Laptop Skin

Laptop Skin

Pals skipping about on the back of your laptop.

25. Burger Map

Burger Map

A necessary purchase for anyone and everyone who loves burgers and plans to venture to New York.

26. Locket Ring

What would you hide in yours?

27. Ornament


Do not hang this on the side of the tree facing the wall. You mustn’t disrespect a burger like that.

28. Recipe Book

Recipe Book

Yes, yes - of course you know how to make them! But your bookshelf shouldn’t be burger-barren.

29. Clutch


One of the more stylish ways to show your affection for the food.

30. Tee


Boarder burger.

31. Watch


Be warned: You may end up wanting a burger whenever you check the time.

32. Socks


You cross your legs, your pants lift up and — boom — you expose these guys.

33. Tee


Imagine the burger man running down the street being chased by a pack of famished folks.

34. Game

Stack those patties up.

35. Game


For those who prefer to stack more realistic (less smiley) ingredients.

36. Necklace


A bedazzled burger.

37. Tote


You have a million totes, but probably not one with a burger on it.

38. Stickers


Use one in your planner to remind you to eat a burger at least once a week. It’s for your happiness, not your health.

39. Patch


The perfect way to mend the hole in your jeans.

40. Coasters


Crocheted coasters to place under whatever you’re using to wash your burger down with.

41. Coasters


Another more heavy-duty coaster option.

42. Tie


Burger business wear.

43. Suncatcher


Hang it proudly in a window by your front door. Show your approaching guests the sort of household they’re about to enter: a burger household.


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