December 23, 2019

5 Mentalist Shows in Vegas You Should Definitely See

Well, with Las Vegas being labeled as the world’s entertainment capital, there’s simply an event for anyone anytime. From magic shows to acrobatic and musical performances, choosing the best entertainment form can be a bit challenging for many. 

However, all magic lovers’ needs have been sorted out here. The blog covers some of the greatest mentalist shows that will leave your mind blown beyond imagination. As magic lovers can testify, attending a single mentalist show doesn’t seem enough. These mind-boggling events can become highly addictive, especially when watching them from a state-of-the-art stage. 

Since there’s hardly fun without comfort, Las Vegas hotels have adapted some of the most luxurious, yet affordable means to have guests entertained beyond imaginations. These fantastic Vegas casino hotels offer a different sort of enjoyment, while the magic shows leave you looking forward to the upcoming shows. 

5 Of the Best Mentalist Shows to Watch in Vegas

According to Mike Tan, a partner at OnlineCasinoGems, online gaming might hurt Vegas casinos. “With the ability to play anywhere in the world from the palm of your hand in the host of casinos that span the web, the question stands: why should we continue to visit any resort?”

Anyway, there’s more than casinos in Vegas, and we can all agree with the fact that magic shows are nothing of the ordinary. Especially with the city being the only place to find some of the most renowned magicians and artists in the world, there’s no way Vegas popularity will go down as long as fun and entertainment live to define leisure.

From death-defying maneuvers, breathtaking stunts, illusions, and feats of the mind, it's a total loss to miss a magical performance, especially after visiting Las Vegas hotels. That said, here are some of the best magic shows you definitely need to see in Vegas. 

Criss Angel Mindfreak: Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino

The show’s main artiste, Criss, is on record as the greatest magician of all time. This is due to the many awards he has received as a result of his stunning and mind-blowing magical performances. That’s the first and the main reason you need to catch the show.

This 90 minutes show is scheduled at 7.00 pm from Wednesday to Sunday and during the night on Monday and Tuesday. It is open for anyone above 5 years of age. At “The Magic Event of a Lifetime,” you are assured of experiencing the greatest revolutionary illusions ever to be performed on stage. 

The incorporation of tech in performance adds style and class to the show. Out-of-the world character, blissful dancers, and mesmerizing choreography are what you will pay only a few dollars to watch. This should be the first stop for magic lovers visiting Vegas. 

The Mentalist Live: Longest Mentalist Show in Vegas 

With over 30 years of stage performance, Gary McCambridge (the main actor in “The Mentalist Live Show”) has more to offer than mere magic tricks. The artist is known for his great ability to read people’s minds and reveal their inner secrets. 

Running the longest mentalist act in Vegas show history, Gary has achieved international prominence and meeting such performers should be your main aim when visiting Vegas. 

Thanks to many years of linguistic programming, body language, and hypnosis study, McCambridge, is able to pull out some of the unimaginable tricks. He can guess your name, hometown, or even the name of your first lover. 

According to the Las Vegas Weekly Magazine, The Mentalist Live is among the “Top 10 Absolute to See” shows in Vegas. The show runs throughout the week and involves a blend of magic, comedy, and mind-reading. 

It runs for some estimated 75 minutes, and it is open for anyone above 13 years. Unmatched offers are accessible depending on the ticket you purchase. 

David Copperfield: MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

David Copperfield brings out a touch of class and personalization, which puts his magic tricks on an upper level. He personalizes the show by performing on different tables and involving guests, thereby clearing any doubt you might have if you were thinking of the show as a mere trick. 

The brave act of bringing the show closer to the spectators to bear fruits as it hits many people hard, leaving them guessing how he pulled up such tricks for weeks to come. The show’s duration is 90 minutes. 

Paranormal: the Mind Reading Magic Show 

Here’s one of the must-watch magic show to all Vegas visitors. The best thing about the event is its perfect schedule, with the show being cast daily at 4.00 pm. Its main artiste, Frederic Da Silva, brings about the unimaginable live on stage. 

The shows go down at the Bally Hotel and Casino. The main acts here involve the magician's ability to read spectators' minds. There are scenarios where the mentalist picks out someone from the crowd and tell them what they are thinking. 

The show also includes other mind-blowing acts, such as telling what the show-goers carried in their pockets. Here, you are assured of finding a number of magical illusions that will leave you perplexed for years to come. 

Do you want to have a first-hand mind reading and inner secret revelation experience? Well, Paranormal is the show you should be attending. It takes about 65 minutes, and it is open to anyone above 6 years. 

Bear in mind that you will need to get your ticket at least 1 hour before the show kicks off. The cost is low, and you do not have to bear credit card charges. 

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis: the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino

The show is unique in the way the main artiste, Marc Savard, uses the audience for the performance. This leaves the spectators mesmerized and the “actors” wondering what has just happened. 

The show is a form of hypnosis, and this frequently happens in Vegas. Marc Savard makes people forget their surroundings and do the unthinkable. The selection process here is voluntary, after which Savard picks 8 performers from the lot.

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis is highly entertaining, and it is among the cheapest shows to attend. It is open to anyone above 18 years, and its estimated duration is 1 hour 15 minutes. 

Wrap Up

Conclusively, Las Vegas is the home of many hypnosis kings, and magic lovers should ensure they experience this at least once in their lives. Illusions and tricks here are way beyond imagination, while the show charges are utterly friendly. 

From death-defying maneuvers, breathtaking stunts, illusions, and feats of the mind, you need to buy two tickets at least to compensate what you’ve been missing. Lastly, magic lovers are at an extra advantage as these shows are premiered daily.


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