November 19, 2014 Lebanon Middle East

Add a Pinch of Love... For a Better Tomorrow...

The world is changing and we all know it. It’s normal that the world changes, but what's not normal at all is how people are changing with it. Hatred is gaining ground while a cloud of darkness appears out on the horizon.

Add a pinch of Love for a better Tomorrow

Look around, look closely, because hope is hiding around the corner. Hope is in each and every one of us, my friend, a hope that we can choose to see, or not. 

Positivity is what makes us stronger, a "spirit" that helps in living out our lives with a happy attitude. You are the hero of your own world, and you can be anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to be... The decision is in your hands.

Am I talking about this because we live in #Lebanon?

There’s much to love about Lebanon and we’re often in danger of forgetting all the great things about our country in the midst of all the strife and troubles of daily life. Perhaps it’s time to add a pinch of #love, a glass of #magic, a spoonful of #passion and a whole bar of #tolerance to our daily lives... For a #better #tomorrow.

Lebanon’s a remarkable place, full of variety, vibrant and ever changing. All you have to do to fall back in love with your country is to get out and do something you haven’t done for a while. It’s nothing remarkable, but it is a remarkably simple way of learning something new and rediscovering the best parts of this wonderful country. Go out, discover, eat and have fun... Be a traveler in your own country...

Look at the world with open eyes and wide vision, see a place where opportunities are at your fingertips. Take a deep breath, fill your blood with oxygen and go for it.

Believe in yourself, see life with a positive eye… and life will smile back. Organize your thoughts and work towards an aim… the goal you want to reach... mine is to leave the world a tiny bit better than I found it. #keepwalking... #keepwalkinglebanon

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