July 02, 2014

Addictive Iconic Rubik’s Cube Now As Coasters

Whether you call yourself a kid from the 80’s or the 90’s, there is no possible way you could have avoided a Rubik’s Cube at some point in your life. Even today, this frustratingly addictive iconic toy seems to possess an agelessness that allows it to retain the title of World’s most popular toy. So what better way to show your endless appreciation for the retro Rubik’s cube than resting your beverages on these funky colorful drink coasters? Rubik-Cube-Coasters Each Rubik’s Coaster cleverly stacks on top of one another to recreate a fully completed Rubik’s Cube, and when separated they create a teaser snap shot of one level of the legendary cube. You can buy them online.
Categories: Food Gadgets


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