August 03, 2015 North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Al Zahlawi Ice Cream, Douma
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You would think that it would only take a few lines to describe an ice cream experience… But no matter what I say here, words are not going to be enough to describe this ice cream that left me amazed. What I had in Al Zahlawi in Douma is an ice cream that combines everything one could dream of.


Up in Douma, in the old souk is Al Zahlawi, a place that sells ice cream and cakes. Like any normal ice cream shop, approach and stand in front of the counter and ask for a cone. Topped with a mountain of colors, beautiful textures, freshness and crunchy biscuit... is where the difference starts.


A journey with of aromas, fresh aromas as each flavor is freshly appreciated and will explode into magic around your nostrils. Lick, bite, caress it and take a moment to appreciate this amazing creation.

The simplicity is what makes it special, simple unsophisticated ice cream made of fresh ingredients, with a small quantity of sugar, which you barely feel, and the texture will surely put a smile on your face.

Enough said, I've written about many ice cream shops, though to find my ultimate satisfaction I came all the way here: Believe me, this ice cream cone will make me drive all the way to Douma again. 

Al Zahlawi, +961-6-520717


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