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Anfawiyat: A Memorable Stay at Anfeh's Beautiful Guesthouse
Family Get Together Authentic & Traditional

Phone Number: +961 70 240 650

Address: Anfeh, Al Harra Charkieh, Koura, North Lebanon

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Anfawiyat-140184583179756/

Price Range: 100-120 $

Guesthouses in Lebanon are the latest trend and this one has surely done it right! Nestled in just a few hundred meters from the beautiful Anfeh sea and the famous "Ta7et el Ri7" is Anfawiyat.

I was so happy to have discovered this home away from home. I spent three memorable nights at Anfawiyat, an old house where true Lebanese culture is poured into every detail... and every decorative detail. It was night when I pushed open the gate to discover a large terrace lit with several lights... hosting a couple olive trees and some wooden tables.

Elias Sarkis, the owner, welcomed me into a colorful haven and showed me around.


Anfawiyat is an old house previously owned by the publisher of "Al Zaer" newspaper. You can see old versions of the newspaper placed around in decorative frames. I took all the time to look at every corner of this beautiful mansion. The house is built around a dining area, a long white table surrounded with ten different chairs. Bought from various markets, each chair represents a different era of Lebanon's history. Towards the end of the house is the living room which reminded me of my grandmother's old house.

A warm yet fresh and trendy ambiance, Anfawiyat is a lively place. The walls are painted in white and blue, while several Iranian carpets cover the floors, old chairs with new colorful fabrics and oriental chandeliers add just the right amount of light... Old style doors, frames, paintings, colorful cushions, wooden tables and several other details that take us back to Lebanon's history and what our ancestors used to use in their daily life. The details that this place boasts is worth the stay.


The house enjoys three rooms, a master bedroom and two other rooms, each with two beds. It includes a fully equipped kitchen where you can store cold beverages and prepare quick meals.

I enjoyed the relaxing bed, the wide bathroom, the serenity as well as the positive vibes this house offers. Decorated with flowers from all genres, all the rooms are kept simple. Light blue, books, chairs and sofas as well as several wooden boxes. 

Towels are placed on the beds, bathrooms include all the needed amenities from shampoo, cotton and soap... Complete if I may say, the house has it all.

After a long night's sleep, I woke up to a Lebanese breakfast from "Emm Salim's". Offered by Elias, the breakfast was an added gesture from the owner who made sure that my stay was memorable and impeccable. Manakish was served on the first day and 2erben on the second ... traditionally presented in metal trays with olive, jams, cheese, zaatar...

And every night they called to check if I wanted to have dinner.


Recommending this place is the least I can do. Unbelievably great experience.

Elias charges $100/room or $300 for the entire house. Check out the photos -taken at night- they speak for themselves.





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