October 10, 2014 Hamra & Verdun Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Bagel+: Great Bagels, Horrid Place (Restaurant Closed)

Phone Number: +961 1 803 016

Address: Abdullah Al Mashnouk street, Verdun, Beirut, Lebanon

Website: https://www.facebook.com/BagelsPlusVerdun

Price Range: 4-12 $

Here I am visiting Bagel+. Seeing their pictures all over the net, their Instagram photos show off beautiful edible creations that are mouthwatering; I imagined something different... Actually, let's say something completely different.


Bagel+, located in Verdun, is a small shop offering a selection of bagels, as the name suggests. The first impression, as you as you walk in is that the bagels they use are the ones found at supermarkets... That's intriguing. A small shop, unprepared staff, an interior that doesn’t look too clean, black rubber on the floor, two open bins, a bar full of colored syrups, dirty walls and a small menu listing the items available without pictures.

I arrived without any welcome from the staff and asked for my bagels and buns. Nothing was explained. I was not even invited to sit down, and I wish I didn't go down into the interior. 

The inside looked like a grave yard, dark, with dull paint and a movie playing in the background… Scary! So I went back up and sat on the sidewalk, where the fake green grass was last cleaned about three days ago.

The bagels are very tasty. I enjoyed my meal, but felt a little sad because of the state of the place. Bagel+ could become a national reference for bagels.


I ordered three to have a complete overview of their products:

  • Labneh bagel: The fresh feeling of the bun and its light fluffiness are enjoyable while you bite into the crunchy cucumbers. Labneh followed by olive tapenade and thin slices of tomato, all enjoyed in a sesame bagel. Tasty!


  • Salmon bagel: The salmon bagel is toasted, slightly crunchy on the sides and filled with cream cheese, capers, lemon and onions with a generous portion of salmon. I liked it: simple and clear.


  • Eggs and bacon: That was the finest of the day. Scrambled eggs with melted cheddar and slices of turkey bacon. Slightly toasted on the sides and fluffy inside, the bagel is filled with a circle of eggs lying in a bed of melted cheese. Enjoyable textures and great taste. 


I’d like to say thank you for the coffee cups that spilt all over me, I went to buy another shirt for the day.

The pluses:

  • Bagels are enjoyable. Exactly like my mum used to make them for us before school.

The minuses:

  • Being the only bagel shop in town, offer a local version. Believe me there are many local producers who master it. In the past Bunz and Tribeca were known for their local bagels.
  • The interior of the place is really, really bad. Not even a street food level.
  • Employees should be happy and enjoying their job, I don’t feel they helped me to understand their concept
  • Combo meals are a must: buy the donut and get the coffee, or something like that.
  • Only two savory bagel choices? Did I not understand or is this a specialized bagel shop? Shouldn’t it have around a dozen choices?

Today's experience reminded me of Abou Arab’s experience where the best way to enjoy the food is: "Stay in the car and let someone get the best kaak for you".

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