April 12, 2016 Saida South Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Beautiful Saida: A Mysterious City!

Sidon, on the coast 48 kilometers south of Beirut, is one of the Famous names in ancient history. But of all of Lebanon's cities this is the most mysterious, for its past has been tragically scattered and plundered. In the 19th century, treasure hunters and amateur archaeologists made off with many of its most beautiful and important objects, some of which can now be seen in foreign museums. The largest city in south Lebanon, Sidon is a busy commercial center with the pleasant, conservative atmosphere of a small town. Since Persian times this was known as the city of gardens and even today it is surrounded by citrus and banana plantations.

Been here 10 times this year alone and everytime I come back with a new hidden discovery. A city I love and urge you to discover. Walk the souks, try their Sahlab, spot the best Maamoul Madd in town or the world's best Knefe (at least in my opinion).


The entrance to Sidon from the north is on a wide divided highway lined with palm trees. As you approach, the landmark Crusader Sea Castle and modern port installations are immediately visible. The busy main street is full of small shops of every kind, including patisseries, whose oriental delicacies are stacked in little pyramids. Sidon is famous for a variety of local sweets which you can watch being made in the old souk or in shops on the main street.

Check out the video and enjoy Saida.





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