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Beecher's New York: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Non-smokers friendly
Casual Dining Quick Eats

Phone Number: +1 212-466-3340

Address: 900 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 ( 11AM - 09PM)

Website: http://www.beechershandmadecheese.com

Price Range: 15-45 $


Welcoming: 1/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 6.5/10

Menu Choice: 2/5

Food Taste: 25/30

Architecture / Interior: 7/10

Food presentation: 6/10

Service: 2/10

Value for money: 5/10

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Beecher's is a well known cheese company in New York. Located one block from the Flatiron building, Beecher's is known around town for their wide variety of cheeses and sandwiches. On the ground floor is the cafe, while The Cellar welcomes you for a fine dinner.


A cheese fridge, half a dozen toasters, two big containers of Mac and Cheese, loud music, wooden tables and benches; the place is something between a restaurant and a cheese delicatessen. 

  • Dinner started with the Mac and Cheese. Served in a carton box, loaded with melted cheese over soft penne pasta and a pinch of spiciness for an end note. It's not the best ever like they claim, but is adequate. Creamy cheese with a certain smoky taste, mixed with pasta that is not al dente but neither is it chewy.
  • Grilled to perfection, loaded with cheese, the sandwiches are really good! Exactly like I expected them to be, the real American way or, should I say, just like you see in the movies. Pain de campagne buttered and toasted, loaded with melted cheese or any other ingredient you choose. The smoked turkey and cheese is a must try. It's a big deal - consisting of ham, turkey, smoked flagship cheese, Mama's pepper, just jack, cilantro and aioli - and an excellently crafted sandwich. Smokiness coming through, crunchy bread, perfectly melted cheese - the flavors linger beautifully on the tongue.
  • Tuna melt; yummy, not your average tuna sandwich. Flagship curds, pickled fennel stems, capers and onions. A toasted sandwich containing a moist filling, you don't feel the onions but the enjoyable acidity of the pickles comes through.
  • Melted cheese, sweet figs and toasted bread. Another good one!
  • They serve "Mexican Cola". The company is called Maine Root, their Mexican style cola consists of organic cane juice, spices and caffeine. It's carbonated and sweet.


I'm not sure whether or not I should recommend this place but, I honestly liked their grilled sandwiches wrapped in recyclable paper. It's a unique concept, unfortunately the staff are not so welcoming, but the sandwiches are good and flavorful.

Grilled cheese sandwiches and Mac&Cheese in New York at Beecher's.

Suitable For: Casual Dining Quick Eats





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