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Blu: A New Pastry Shop in Mtayleb

Blu, a pastry shop close to my home has recently opened on the Mtayleb highway. Located in Palm Plaza Centre, Blu has a catchy facade and some fresh colors that make you want to stop. It has a certain classy look, well decorated with funky cakes - the latest trend in Lebanon. 


I'm not sure why but these towers of cake made famous by T.Square in Sodeco have taken the country by storm. Some women are making them at home, while others have opened concepts based on this idea. Usually, when a cake looks that nice, the taste doesn’t always add up to your expectations. 

I've had good and average experiences with Blu, but this time the train seemed to be on track...

Today would be the third time I ordered from Blu. On the first occasion, we got some mini cakes: a Bahamas, a chocolate fondant and a Snickers cake. All the cakes are indeed sophisticated, but also good. The Bahamas, which is made up of whipped cream cake and bananas mixed with pastry cream, is very close to the one Pate a Choux makes and I believe that the one Pate a Choux makes is fantastic. The chocolate fondant cake is made of some rich dark chocolate, a melting heart and a lightly spongy border. As for the Snickers cake, it’s a replica of the normal Snickers chocolate we know, but transformed into a cake; A bed of brownie, topped with a mousse and cream while slices of snickers decorate its top. 


That was the first encounter. On the second occasion, we chose the strawberry cake: Three layers of sponge cake with a rich whipped cream in between, mixed with slices of strawberries. On top is a decorative sprinkle of white chocolate. A juicy sponge, a fresh cream, adequately sweet, not dry but lightly watery, while the strawberries add the taste and an interesting texture. Generous and tasty, that's a cake I do recommend. If you live in the area of Mtayleb, Rabieh and Mazraat Yachouh, welcome a new pastry shop that will satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Macarons are a big No! Nothing to do with what a Macaron should be.

Visiting today, for the first time, I would discover their place. Fresh colors, decorated walls, fridges filled with cakes and a team of cooks working hard in the back. They also have ice cream from Orso Bianco.


Now for the latest order, one that satisfied everyone. It was my little one's birthday so we ordered a cake with a theme. Not only did it look good, the cake tasted great as well. The M&M cake: A two-layered cake, a chocolate sponge cake covered with a white sugar coating and is a sponge cake with cream that's moist and fresh without being gooey or fatty. The cake is also mixed with M&M bits on the inside, to accompany the ones decorating the outside. This double decker cake with its beautiful decorations was for $125. The kids were happy and the elder generation as well.

That’s a quick overview on what to expect from Blu...

Blu, Mtayleb, Main Road, Palm Plaza Centre +961 4 927 660

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