May 18, 2016

BOx: The First Smart Bottle Opener!

BOx , the world’s first smart bottle opener.

A unique ergonomic design that will give a new dimension to your drinking experience. Open your bottle with a single hand and let BOx share the experience with your friends. We aim to help people ENJOY their drinks, LIVE their REAL MOMENTS, and SHARE their experiences wherever they are.

Box smart bottle opener 2

3 friends from 4 countries, Switzerland, Vietnam, US and Lebanon. Although spread over 3 continents, the BOx allows the three friends to keep on enjoying their beers together! (Hien , Karim , Minh).

box design opener

BOx is fitted with a smart WiFi board, powered by a AAA replaceable battery. The board settings are preset by the BOx App through WIFI. Each time you open a bottle the board is activated and communicates directly to the Internet, even if your phone is not near by.


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