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Breakfast at Casper & Gambini's
Casual Dining Coffee Talk


Welcoming: 3/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 6/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 23/30

Architecture / Interior: 7/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Service: 5/10

Value for money: Soon

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A tasty breakfast at Casper & Gambini's ABC Dbayeh.

Casper & Gambini's is one of my favorite spots to go and have a good breakfast - a great way to start and boost up my energy for a long day, especially at their ABC Dbayeh and Verdun branches. Their ice-tea is the best I have had yet and their breakfast choice is wide. Try their Traditional Labneh (mankouche which comes with labneh on the side as well as mint leaves and fresh cucumbers) that is very rich and tasty. We all love mankouche - Traditional Labneh is a finer and tastier version of what we eat at smaller bakeries on the streets.

The Breakfast Menu Choices:

  • Labneh & Eggs Special (Poached eggs, Dukhah hazelnut spice, lite labneh and grilled country bread)
  • Egg White Omelet (Gruyere cheese, fresh mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes and field greens)
  • Traditional Labneh (Labneh, Virgin oil, cucumber, fresh mint, thyme flavored flat bread)
  • Perfect Pancakes (Pancakes, fresh fruits, chocolate sauce or maple syrup)

Recommended drinks:

  • Peach Basil Ice Tea (Peach tea, basil syrup, fresh basil, lemon slices)
  • Lemon Cucumber Ice Tea (Lemon tea, cucumber syrup, cucumber slices, lemon slices)
  • Southern Mint Ice Tea (Southern mint tea, sugar, citrus, cinnamon stick, fresh mint)

We ordered:

  • Cheese croissant
  • Chocolate croissant
  • Eggs and Bacon with cheese
  • The famous Traditional Labneh

Although I like Casper & Gabinin's I must point out a few things...

  • Waiters are becoming a bit careless. A waiter came to take the order without a paper - he got it all wrong, forgot a few things and actually came back to ask what choice of croissant we ordered few minutes later and which ice tea we prefer. If he had written all down, none of the above would have happened.
  • It was a nice and sunny morning, I would have preferred the waiter to be in a better mood. No need to bring your troubles to work. A smile would have made the start of my day even better.
  • We found pepper but no salt on the table considering that we were eating eggs, Salt & Pepper are a must and the waiter should have noticed that.
  • Why is the world's famous Mankouche described as "Thyme Flavored Flat Bread" on their menu. Mankouche is the word to use and they must be proud of our Lebanese creation.
  • Drink shakers used to offer ice tea are old (picture above), broken and unpleasant to handle: Unacceptable!
  • Broken plates! An unforgivable mistake. It's unacceptable to see such bad details in a place like Casper considered as one of the finest cafes in Lebanon.
  • Also I have to point out that Casper is becoming too expensive. Why? A lot of my friends are complaining about this point.

I personally miss the days Casper & Gambini's was a simple and reasonably priced place on the Zalka highway.

Great concepts like this are bound to succeed and this brand has become and international franchise with branches all around Lebanon, the Levant, Middle East and North Africa and soon in Europe. I hope that they won't forget about their origins and still cater to us, their accustomed customers who consider Casper as a second home.

The Motto: "We don’t have owners, we have ambassadors. We don’t have chefs we have nutritional artists. We don’t have waiters, we have culinary guides. We don’t have customers, we have partners.” Please act and serve your customers accordingly.

  • Kaslik, Espace Street - Tel: +961.9.213 349
  • ABC Mall Dbayeh - Tel: +961.4.407 666
  • ABC Mall Achrafieh - Tel: +961.1.209 666
  • Verdun, Dunes Center - Tel: +961.1.797 797
  • Saida, Saida Mall - Tel: +961.7.736 936

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