March 29, 2016 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Cakes&Bites: Home Baked Delicious Cakes (Closed)

Phone Number: +9613357475

Address: Beit Merry, Metn, Lebanon ( 09AM - 05PM)


Price Range: 5-70 $

I met Joyce last year when she first introduced cakes in a jar… Joyce then joined Souk el Akel ever since. With cakes like the Bahamas, moelleux chocolat, giant macaron, molten chocolate brownie and the famous Nutella cookies, Cakes&Bites has become one of my favorite dessert bakers in town. I wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation for Joyce’s work, especially that her tasty creations have played a role in celebrating key occasions in my life… my kids birthday cakes, my birthday cake… Bahamas… and today the giant chocolate macaron.


Meet the large home made macaron, a giant kind of cake taking the famous mini bites to another level. Neat and mouthwatering, this cake is made of two layers of macaron stuffed with chocolate cream, that’s intense and light at the same time.

In my opinion, what makes a cake better than others is the cream, which should be fresh. Orange zest leaves an interesting after-note that elevates this cake to certain finesse. It surely is recommended.


The red fruits tart: Crispy crunchy fresh, an airy piece of cake made of biscuit and pastry cream with a colorful cover of red fruits. It is lightly sweet, intense in flavor as the fruits explode under the teeth. It’s delicious! 

Joyce’s work is impeccable… not only tasty but her dedication to her work is amazing. It was my kid's birthday. Not only did she prepare a beautiful cake that everyone admired and enjoyed, she personally delivered it and made sure it arrived safe and sound.

Come meet her at Souk el Akel. Joyce has taken normal pastry to another level recreating some of the world’s famous innovations like the Cronut, the Cruffin and the renowned multi layered giant brownie…

I recommend you try Cakes&Bites. A tasty concept.


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