June 12, 2018 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Celebrate Eid El Fitr at Hona Beirut with Souk el Akel

Hona Beirut comes after the huge success of MARCH’s Kahwetna in Tripoli. What started as a cafe staffed and run by former fighters in Beb El Tebenneh and Jabal Mohsen, quickly grew into a cultural hub that houses not only a cafe, but a recording studion, a cinema/theater and dozens of capacity building classes, events, exhibitions, and performances.


In Beirut, MARCH felt that the need for public, safe green spaces was dire, which is why after months of scouting, our team found a disused plot of land owned by the Municipality of Beirut, just across from Horsh Beirut. After removing all the rubble and old cars and motorcycles, MARCH set out to install its prefabricated structure, as well as plant the surrounding outdoor space.

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