August 21, 2017 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Charbel's Bakehouse: A Breakfast Spot in Broumana
Morning Delights

When a young man opens a bakery, your traditional manoushe shop turns into a fresh breakfast parlour with much more than the simple zaatar manakish.


From zaatar to chicken and kafta, Charbel lively prepares flat bread for his customers' pleasure. On a Thursday morning, half a dozen hungry customers were waiting in line for a treat.

To start... I love the dough! Soft, fluffy and airy. It has a certain aroma to it, a certain freshness. The zaatar is light - many people like it like that - in fact very light, when I expected stronger acidity and more saltiness.


A nicely done Mexican manousheh. It's not a taco wrap, it's not filled with a hundred ingredients, but is instead clean, neat, smooth and Mexican at the same time. The same amazing soft bread stuffed with a load of melted cheese, capsicum, a hint of spice and shredded chicken. I loved it!

The steak manousheh followed... a big wrap loaded with meat slices and the signature steak sauce. An interesting and satisfying sandwich.


A breakfast place I liked and would recommend to my friends.

Charbel enjoys his work; he loves what he creates and is waiting to welcome you.

Suitable For: Morning Delights


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