July 07, 2012

Chopsticks Inventions that Will Make Your Lives Easier

Product designers are working on producing products that are beautiful yet at the same time super functional. If you're not a fan of chopsticks and are always ashamed of asking for beginners chopstick these are for you... and if you are already an expert, these designs act as a multifunctional products.

Oriental meets Occidental traditions with this very clever design by Lékué. The Twin One is a fork and knife, but when you link them together they turn into a set of chopsticks!


Taking this a step further here's another design that called the Chork, a fork that splits in half to become a set of chopsticks. It can be used as a standard fork, as chopsticks for 'beginners' or as normal chopsticks.  


The Highest Restaurant on Earth


Fabrica Kreaton Restaurant in Greece