June 04, 2015

Chounuts and Waffnuts - Let's See What They Are...

It's that time again when someone creates a new kind of food hybrid that pushes over the one before...Move over Cronut, here comes the newest doughnut hybrid. Krispy Kreme Japan is introducing two limited edition creations — the Chounut and Waffnut.

The Chounut is a donut made with choux pastry, which is the batter used to make cream puffs and French cruller donuts (of which the Chounut bears a striking resemblance), among other things. To emphasize the cross-over between cream puff and donut, each Chounut is sliced in half and sandwiches a cream filling. The Chounut will come in two different varieties. The Chounut Double Caramel comes filled with both caramel cream and a salted caramel sauce. The top of the donut sandwich is drizzled in dark chocolate to offset the sweetness. For a more refreshing flavor profile, the Chounut Lemon Cheese comes filled with cream cheese infused with lemon rind, then topped with a white chocolate drizzle.

The Waffnut is a combination of a Belgian waffle and a donut, although it's unclear whether it's simply a waffle-shaped donut or a donut made with waffle batter. It's selling point is that it's supposed to have a light, crispy texture. The Waffnut will come in three different flavors: The Waffnut Strawberry features the waffle-donut with strawberry frosting and bits of freeze-dried strawberries for a sweet and sour flavor. For those who want a richer taste, the Waffnut Almond coats the same waffle-donut with a frosting made with almond paste that is then decorated with a dark chocolate drizzle and salted almonds. And the Waffnut Uji Matcha features matcha in both the waffle-donut dough and frosting for a stronger green tea flavor. It's finished with a white chocolate drizzle and chocolate cereal flakes. The matcha used in this particular Waffnut hails from the Uji region, supposedly the area that produces the finest matcha in all of Japan.

Sadly these sweet creations are only available in Krispy Kreme Japan locations from June 10 for a limited period. Let's hope someone tries to make them here...


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