June 11, 2013

Coca-Cola Ice Bottles

I love this brand and it's on going unique campaigns. One of Coca Cola's strongest slogans has been Ice Cold since it's early days... The brand has taken this slogan a notch up - literally if I may add, to make your summer even cooler.


For their new Summer 2013 advertising campaign in Colombia, the brand has produced bottles that are actually made from ice. A little tag that doubles as a bracelet is added to the bottle to keep your hands from getting cold.


Not only does Coke taste best ice cold, the new ice bottle is perfect for the beach, because you do not have to throw it away. The most eco-friendly Coke bottle to ever be produced. Hopefully the Coca-Cola Ice Bottle will see a global expansion after Columbia, along with the Sharing Can, that we revealed  earlier.

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