October 20, 2015 Hamra & Verdun Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Curli-Q's Cinnamon Rolls

It's cylinder and it's tasty. It’s a cinnamon roll with a dozen layers one on top of the other that’s carefully baked in an innovative oven that makes unique tasty cinnamon rolls.


Curli-Q is a new kind of pastry shop now open on Hamra Street. I was invited to the opening to witness the unique oven used to make this innovative pastry. First of its kind in Lebanon, this concept was purely developed by the owners. It's not a copy of the rolls sold in Prague because these are baked one layer at a time adding a crunch and a chewy heart without being bready and chewy.

In the shop is a large selection of bites. The same concept can be smaller; rolls cut in slices and filled with cream or chocolate before adding a layer of frosting on top.


Now back to the cinnamon roll. I loved it. I enjoyed the way it looks and its size. I asked to take one back with me. It was time to taste it. It is moist and tender with a cinnamon cover; the dough is not chewy but fresh and airy. It looks nice and special and can be shared due to its big size.

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate, for a morning bite or an afternoon snack, this is something unique. The Cinnamon Curlis will surely become a hit soon.

You have to give them a try.

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