May 14, 2016 Lebanon Middle East

Dekerco: The Meat Importers

I believe many of you have heard about Dekerco, the gurus importing meat from around the world to Lebanon. With a trend on the rise, Dekerco has positioned themselves as the main importers of Augus beef from Australia as well as cuts from the US, Brazil and Japan.


This morning I asked Ray and Serge, the Dekerco brothers for a behind-the-scenes tour of the factory which was immediately approved with no restrictions. Taking photos was a yes!

Spread on many floors the storage and factory import meat from several countries for direct sales or to produce their new line of makanek, basterma, soujok and burger meat. The fridges bigger than my house host hundreds of boxes of the finest cuts out there. Wagyu, American prime, black Angus, and much more.


I was so happy to visit the factory where probably half the country's consumed burgers are produced. Thousands of patties make it every day to your favorite diners around town, while each chooses his recipe and blend.

After the tour I was invited to the conference room where some burgers were prepared alongside a couple cuts of Black Angus beef. I enjoyed this lunch/tasting so much that we agreed to meet again at a later stage for more discoveries.

Now you can check out the photos and see what I'm talking about exactly.

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