February 05, 2016

Dining Etiquette Around The World

Dining Etiquette Around The World Part 2

Our little idiosyncrasies are what make us interesting and special. It’s undeniable that it’s important to be respectful of other cultures when travelling or on holiday and this extends to dining with the proper etiquette. We outlined the customs and traditions of popular countries last year, and we’re back having added some more traditions from other wonderful countries around the world.


Not all countries expect you to tip heavily. In most countries, 5 or 10 % is acceptable, and in some places a service charge will be added on for you – this can be taken off if the service was bad though.


Using utensils incorrectly can be seen as sloppy or rude in many countries. In Europe, general consensus is that you hold your fork in the left hand. In Mexico, you should never eat your tacos with a knife and fork, it’s considered pretentious.

Showing Appreciation

In Hungary, and most of Europe, it is considered polite to take a small token of gratitude of your host. In Hungary, avoid taking


In many countries including Vietnam and Egypt, sharing a selection of dishes and tea is common. Unlike in Europe, where dishes come separately in a fixed order – start, main and dessert – dishes come all at the same time for diners to pick and chose what they’d like.

Many cultures also believe in serving the eldest members of the party first or allowing them to begin before anyone else – this is a sign of respect.

Learning how not to offend your fellow diners or hosts is essential for on holiday or travelling, and following the popularity of our previous infogaphic, we decided to add more countries to the list.

Check out the infographic for more top tips.


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